List of Telemedicine Companies in Kenya, and Their Contacts

This is a list of telemedicine providers in Kenya. The field of medicine known as telemedicine refers to providing medical care to patients in situations when the patient and the healthcare professional are not in the same room together.

Utilizing videoconferencing applications has become a viable option for patient consultations thanks to advances in modern technology. It makes it possible for patients and clinicians to communicate across a great distance and provide care, guidance, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

ist of Telemedicine Companies in Kenya, and Their Contacts

Telemedicine encompasses a wide range of practices, including the digital transmission of medical imaging, remote medical diagnosis, and assessments, and video consultations with professionals.

The following is a list of telemedicine providers in Kenya in no particular order.

1. MyDawa

MyDawa is Kenya’s first online pharmacy to be registered, and it provides a platform for verifying the authenticity of any prescription or over-the-counter medication purchased. The website provides a vast selection of high-quality prescription, over-the-counter, and dietary supplements.

Contact: +254 20 521 9999



2. BYON8

BYON8 is a Swedish-based company that aspires to enhance people’s lives by laying the groundwork for the future generation of health care with a single, straightforward solution.

BYON8 consists of two critical services: a free symptom checker that enables users to input their symptoms and identify what is causing them and a premium symptom checker that supports users in determining what is causing their symptoms.

Contact: +254 7743 710145


3. ConnectMed

ConnectMed Kenya is an online medical practice that allows patients to seek treatment from physicians through video consultation, using technologies based on machine learning.


4. HealthX Africa

HealthX Africa provides primary care that is accessible, inexpensive, convenient, and equitable. We use the power of digital technology to give every user access to high-quality primary health care services wherever they are, anytime they like, and as often as they need. Every user has access to our trusted, qualified, and licensed primary health care physicians and wellness advisers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to fulfill their health and wellness requirements and goals.

Contacts: +254111040800


ist of Telemedicine Companies in Kenya, and Their Contacts

5. Medbit Kenya