Gabriel Mbiti Mulei Bio, Age, Career, Family, Salary and Net Worth

Gabriel Mbiti Mulei is a Kenyan citizen serving in the police service serving in one of the top ranks in the service, Chief Inspector. The “Utumishi kwa Wote” member has served in numerous stations in the coastal region including Malindi. Other than serving as a police officer he is also a businessman who runs numerous side hustles to boost his income as he says.

Mulei caught public attention in 2022 after he entered the record as one of the wealthiest police officers in Kenya. However, his wealth became a matter of concern after he began stammering when asked how he acquired his wealth.

In this article, we tell the story of Gabriel Mbiti Mulei, a cop who became a millionaire earning a net salary of Ksh20,000.

Gabriel Mbiti Mulei Age and Place Birth

He hails from the Kamba land but his actual date of birth as well as the place of birth is still unclear till date.


Gabriel Mbiti Mulei Bio

Mbiti joined the police service over two decades ago, at the time the service was known as a police force and rose to the ranks becoming a Chief Inspector. He served in different stations around the country offering his service to Kenyan citizens.

In 2008, he was deployed as traffic base command in Malindi, Coastal Region and this is where his journey to riches started according to EACC. His way up in the wealth curve was questionable as it didn’t match his payslip. This left him in a corruption zone,  despite serving in an office with a big corruption-free zone sign board.

Gabriel Mbiti Mulei Salary and Net Worth

As of 2022, the papers presented in Malindi court showed his net salary was Ksh 20,000. This was the money that he was receiving in his bank after all his deductions. Despite earning what can be described as a small salary, Mbiti was not struggling financially as he was living big and driving big cars.

His lifestyle attracted the attention of EACC who are the gatekeepers of corruption doors. Following a suit filed by EACC in 2015, Mbiti was ordered to declare the source of his wealth where he told the court that he had served in the service for over 20 years and he was also running side hustles that helped in boosting his income.

In 2022, his wealth had accumulated above Ksh 30 million, Ksh 10 million was the money he had in his four bank accounts. The rest was the properties he owned including seven parcels of land, five vehicles, and a motorbike.

According to him, he earned his wealth via his job and the side business he was running. However, EACC had a different version of how he earned his wealth.

According to EACC, Mbiti accumulated his wealth between 2008 and 2011 when he was deployed as base command of traffic where they claimed Mbiti was collecting brides from road users during this period.