How To Become a Doctor in Kenya

This article aims to provide information on how to become a medical doctor in Kenya, the necessary qualifications, skills required, and expected salary.

How To Become a Doctor in Kenya

Who is a doctor?

A doctor is a medical professional educated to help patients recover their health. He or she can diagnose and treat human illnesses, sicknesses, injuries, pain, and other situations. A career in medicine isn’t for everyone.

A medical doctor must have direct responsibility for the patient’s life and well-being, dedication, time management, teamwork, strong listening skills, empathy, outstanding communication skills, and competency with specialized medical instruments.

What does a Doctor do?

Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat diseases.

Writing prescriptions for patients and checking them twice a day; conducting medical examinations; making diagnoses and treating patients’ ailments; supervising medical students and residents; collaborating with other doctors and healthcare professionals; keeping meticulous records for legal purposes and to be used by others in the field, and providing health education to patients and the general public.

Requirements to join campus and application process

The minimum requirement; you must have a KCSE mean grade of C plain, to be precise. English/Kiswahili and Biology/Biological Sciences will need a C or above. Any student wishing to pursue a diploma in medicine will be required to get a C- or better in Chemistry/Physical Sciences and Mathematics. But the requirements can vary depending on the type of doctor course you are applying for and the school you are applying to.

There is no standard application process for all universities and colleges offering medical courses in Kenya; therefore, one is required to visit their chosen college or university’s website.

For example, applying for the Kenya Medical Training College;

All applications must be submitted ONLINE using the application portal (Admissions Portal) accessible at Each academic year, prospective students apply for admission to courses. The selected candidates are then assigned to one of the 71 KMTC campuses nationwide.

Requirements to study medicine in Kenya

Study Period and Fee Structure

The MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is a six-year, full-time curriculum with three trimesters every ye