How to Become a Public Health Officer in Kenya

This article discusses how to become a public health officer in Kenya, the qualification, and the expected salary.

How to become a public health officer in Kenya

A public health officer is responsible for coordinating health care institutions, organizations, and resources to ensure that the health care system adheres to health regulations and safety procedures.

In the military, public health officers conduct health inspections throughout the whole system to build effective medical and public health provisions; in civilian settings, they are responsible for providing the same services. Field observations, interviews with stakeholders in health systems, collection of samples and reports, and analysis of disease vectors are only some of the tasks that a public health officer must do.

Public health officers play an important role in both the planning process and the response to health threats since the public health system can implement public health interventions. This means that PHOs at all levels must be included in the planning process for public health crisis management.

Requirements to join campus

Entry requirements:

A mean grade of C+(plus) in the KCSE or equivalent, C+ (plus)in Biology or Biology sciences and Chemistry, C (plain) in English/Kiswahili, and C (plain) in Mathematics/Physics or equivalent.

The entry requirement varies from one college or university to another; therefore, it is important to visit your college or university of the choice website before applying.

Study Period and Fee Structure

Studying Bachelor of Science in Public Health takes four years (8 semesters) with a tuition fee of 126 000 per year.

Fields of Study

The practice of conducting demonstrations and research to promote health, prevent sickness, and extend people’s lives falls within public health’s purview. The term “public health” refers to both public and private institutions and communities, people, and society as a whole. Multidisciplinary teams of public health experts who act to promote health and quality of life are common in the sector. Public health graduates may pursue a variety of occupations in various areas of the field. Key areas of study include;

Environmental health,

Community health,


Global health,

Health policy and management.