10 Dangerous Foods in Kenya To Avoid     

Food is an amalgamation of numerous elements combined in perfect harmony to make a delectable meal or snack. You may, however, be progressively poisoning your body without realizing it. Some foods are detrimental to your health, and you must be aware of this.

10 Dangerous Foods in Kenya To Avoid

The following is a list of ten dangerous foods you are currently eating that are bad for your health. They are as follows:

  1. Processed meat

Examples of processed meat include; sausages, bacon, and hot dogs, which are treated with chemicals to extend their shelf life. There is a significant nutritional difference between processed and fresh beef. Many hazardous chemicals are used to preserve processed meat. According to studies, eating processed beef raises your risk of heart disease by 42% and type 2 diabetes by 19%, lowering your life span. The main preservative, sodium nitrate, blocks blood arteries and causes them to narrow. Calories, salt, and bacon are all high in processed meat.

  1. Nyama Choma
10 Dangerous Foods in Kenya To Avoid

Despite its enticing flavor, eating raw meat charred over hot coals is dangerous for your health. The smoke from the burning meat fat includes carcinogenic compounds, and the charred surface of the meat also contains cancer-causing chemicals. Adding to the danger of high blood pressure is that many people eat nyama choma with raw salt. Nyama Choma is often accompanied by alcoholic beverages, which raises the chance of getting gout, a type of arthritis that is very painful. Approximately 173 calories may be found in a quarter-pound of cooked goat flesh. Before roasting, you may decrease the development of harmful compounds by removing some of the fat.

  1. French fries

Is there anybody who does not like eating French fries? They are also known as chips. As good as they may taste, they are harmful to your health. Fries are high in salt, fat, and calories. As a general rule, people are advised to limit their salt intake to no more than 2000mg per day.

10 Dangerous Foods in Kenya To Avoid

Overconsumption of sodium causes the body to retain water, making it more difficult for the heart to pump effectively. The fat content of French fries is often an issue. They may be baked instead of deep-fried and served with a veggie salad.

  1. Noodles

Noodles are poor in fiber, vitamins, and minerals but rich in simple carbs, salt, and preservatives. Noodles are prepared with various unhealthy chemicals, including flour treatment agents, stabilizers, and acid regulators. Although they are abundant in carbs, they raise the risk of hypertension and renal disease.

  1. Soft drinks and energy drinks

The hazard of soft drinks is that they contain vast quantities of sugar, which causes insulin resistance and fatty liver disease. It may also cause ailments such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Your brain does not recognize these calories as food since they are in liquid form. Consuming excessive quantities of these beverages may result in obesity or an increase in weight gain.

More so than regular soda, energy drinks may erode the enamel on your teeth, causing cavities and other dental problems. Diet drinks include aspartame, a sweetener that elevates blood glucose levels and causes extra sugar to be stored as fat in the body.

  1. Pastries

The majority of the foods you consume are safe, but when you consume vast amounts of them, problems arise. Pastries, on the other hand, are made from refined ingredients. It is produced with refined sugar and wheat flour, as well as additional fats such as margarine.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products like ice cream and candy bars are harmful to your health. Ice cream increases your sugar levels. Candy bars come in various flavors, from dark chocolate to white chocolate. Because they’re manufactured from refined wheat flour, processed fats, and added sugar, they’re unhealthy. Candy bars are devoid of the majority of the body’s nutrition.

  1. Alcohol

Many cardiovascular illnesses, such as hypertension and stroke, are linked to alcohol use. It’s also associated with liver diseases, including fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and several cancers. As one’s intake of alcoholic beverages rises, so does their chance of developing one of these disorders.

  1. Margarine

Refined vegetable oil and water are used to make margarine. Because of their high saturated fat content, vegetable oils contribute to inflammation. Use alternatives such as butter or avocado as a spread on your toast.

  1. White bread

White bread is prepared from processed wheat, deficient in fiber and other nutrients. Your blood sugar levels may rise. Whole-grain bread is a preferable choice for breakfast since it offers all of the vital elements your body needs.