How to Start a Video Game Business in Kenya

Starting a video game business in Kenya may be profitable, mainly if you can locate a busy shopping area. Today’s article will provide you with the information you need on how to start a thriving video game business in Kenya.

The best alternative to the increasingly difficult-to-get 9 to 5 jobs for “young” people is establishing your own business and working for yourself. Gaming’s popularity may be a valuable source of money, especially if you select a location with high foot traffic.

Particularly among today’s youth, playing video games has gained popularity as a method to pass the time or reduce stress. The gaming community is expanding significantly in Kenya, creating a new market ready to be seized. Here is how to start a video game business in Kenya.

How to Start a Video Game Business in Kenya

1. Find a good location.

A decent site is one of the critical elements determining whether or not your video game business will succeed, as it is with other businesses. You should choose locations near schools, colleges, and universities because most of your consumers will be under 30 years. To avoid and discourage theft, ensure your chosen area is highly safe.

2. Conduct market research.

Doing a market analysis may better understand your target audience and how to meet their demands. Query the general populace to learn their preferred genres of video games. Additionally, it would be best if you inquired from those currently working in the field about what to anticipate and how to handle challenges in the video game sector.

3. Select your product.

The gaming industry is divided primarily into the PC worlds, Xbox, and PlayStation. It would help if you decided which consoles you will deploy in your game center.

4. Capital.

A video game business in Kenya is not cheap, considering it involves electronics. Therefore, investing more money is likely to return high capital.

5. Acquire business permits and licenses.

You will require a music copyright license to play music in your gaming business and a single business license from the county government offices.

6. Get insurance cover for your video game business.

It is crucial to have business insurance since it will protect against damages in the event of misfortunes.

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7. Rent a space.