How to Start a Photography Business in Kenya 

This article will walk you through the process of establishing a successful photography business in Kenya. The photography industry is quite competitive.

Thousands of excellent photographers consider starting a business to make a living from their hobby every year. This is especially true in a country like Kenya, where anybody can purchase a digital camera and declare oneself a professional photographer.

However, despite the high competition, establishing a photography business in Kenya is a lucrative endeavor. There are events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, and birthday parties almost every week. People want to record these experiences for remembrance.

How to Start a Photography Business in Kenya 

1. Carry out a Market research

Market research will help you understand the different types of photography. It will also help you know what you should charge as a beginner and who your potential customers are.

2. Improve your photography skills

Your photographs must be of high quality if you are a professional. You should thus train to improve your skills. Taking pictures of things you don’t want to, do is the best approach to improve. Use online platforms like YouTube, Google, and other social media platform to enhance your skills. Do free photography work for your friends as a form of practice.

3. Purchase equipment

If you’re looking to start a photography business, the most important purchase you’ll make is in photographic equipment. Conduct your research before purchasing a camera, lens, computer, or camera accessories, since these things have different requirements depending on the kind of photography niche you want.

4. Invest in good photo-editing software

There are many quality editing software on the market; you need to learn how to use them. Adobe software is the most common and easiest to understand. Photoshop and Lightroom are the most popular free photo-editing software.

5. Choose your niche

When starting in photography, it is hard to pick a niche. Therefore it’s advisable to try different photography types to identify which suits you best. Here are some niches; portrait, wedding, event, wildlife/scenic, and stock photography.

6. Have an online presence

If you want to pursue photography as a profession, then you must have social media pages and a website. This is an excellent way of showcasing your work to potential clients.

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