How to Start a Tailoring Business in Kenya

Clothes are vital necessities, and since they sometimes get damaged and need repair, there is a need for a tailoring service. Here is everything you need to know when starting a tailoring business in Kenya if you’ve been thinking about getting into the business.

Helping people repair their clothing is a great way to earn extra cash if you have the necessary skill. Starting a successful clothing tailoring business in Kenya requires just a little initial investment. Here is how to start;

Starting a Tailoring Business in Kenya

1. Obtain the required training

A genuine interest in sewing and familiarity with the process are insufficient substitutes for formal training. A sewing business owner who is well-versed in all the aspects and techniques of sewing will be ahead of the competition. You can learn these skills by enrolling in a sewing class; it only takes a few months.

2. Know your target market

Identifying your target audience is crucial when launching a tailoring business. Among the many groups, you should pay attention to are students and those with low to middle incomes.

3. Purchase a sewing machine

An essential tool, a sewing machine, is required. You have the option of buying brand new or used. You may use it to enhance your sewing skills. After you have honed your abilities, you may start designing garments for others to buy.

4. Business Location

A good location is one of the deterring factors to business success. Tailoring businesses do well in densely populated areas with plenty of households. It also does well when placed near a college or a commercial center.

5. Acquire a business license

If you want to open a tailoring business in Kenya, you will need to get a license since it is one of the essential licenses that enterprises in Kenya must have. The price of a tailoring business license in Kenya is typically roughly 5,000 Kenyan Shillings; however, this might vary from county to county.

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6. Hire more tailors

You can’t run a successful tailoring business all by yourself. It is especially true when a lengthy customer queue is waiting to be served.

Tailoring Business in Kenya

Cost of starting a tailoring business in Kenya