How to Start a Barber Shop Business in Kenya

Hair will always grow regardless of inflation; if you are poor or rich, everyone needs a haircut making a barber shop an excellent business investment. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can start an executive barber shop business in Kenya.

A barber shop business is recession-resistant, an example of a sustainable business. A barbershop can be opened in any country region, although it does better in major cities because of their high population.

Here’s how to open an executive barbershop.

Starting a barber shop business in Kenya

1. Get barbering skills

It’s essential to have some barbering skills and experience before starting a barbershop. You can register for a barber course from the many beauty colleges in the country. Take the time to polish your skills to the fullest. Nobody wants their haircut by a professional and ends up looking ridiculous.

A barber’s success is directly related to their skills. You can hire skilled personnel if you do not have the skill or don’t aspire to be a barber by profession.

2. Choose the location

A good location for a barber shop business is one that is easy to access and identify. Many first clients will be walk-ins, so choose a strategic location to optimize foot traffic. The barber shop space should be large enough to provide a waiting area for clients as they await their time to get haircuts.

3. Furnish the barber shop business

Customers prefer to get haircuts in clean, comfortable, and decent barbershops. You will need to design the interior of the Kinyozi. Some of the things you will need to install include cabinets, mirrors, haircut pictures, and painting.

4. Get a business license

To open for business in Kenya, one must first get a business license. A business license can be obtained from the county government. The license fee for a barber shop business range from Ksh. 5 000 to Ksh 10 000 per year.

5. Buy Equipment

Below is a list of the equipment and products for your barber shop business. One should not rush out and purchase everything suggested at the beginning. As your business expands, you can buy more equipment.

  • WAHL Clippers
  • Basic barber chairs
  • Combs and Basins
  • Equipment Sterilizer
  • Cosmetic Products (Including spirit, hair spray, after-shave, and lotion)
  • Entertainment System
  • Apron, fabric sheets, and towels
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Hair Style Charts
  • Water storage and heating

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6. Pricing