How to Start a Gym Business in Kenya

As more individuals recognize the advantages of regular exercise, the gym business has been in demand in Kenya. If you are considering opening a gym business, this article will provide you with everything you will need to set up a gym business in Kenya.

Science continues providing new reasons to get out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The desire to have a long and healthy life has motivated many Kenyans to become exercise fanatics.

A gym is where people exercise using machines, weights, and other equipment. Small Business Trends estimates that the worldwide fitness business generates $81.2 billion annually.

The gym is not for everyone. Here is how to start a successful gym business.

Starting a gym business in Kenya

1. Acquire necessary training

Yes, starting a gym business requires formal training and accreditation. A professional gym trainer might be hired if you feel you are lacking expertise in this area. You have to fit first if you want to start a gym business. Is it uncommon to find a gym owner who is overweight or obese? Show the market what your gear can do by becoming its best example.

2. Have a business plan

Having a clear and coherent business strategy is critical for any business. A business plan is a blueprint that outlines all of the objectives of a business.

3. Location

Ensure that your business is convenient in terms of security and accessibility. You won’t attract the fitness-minded customers you need by situating your gym in an obscure location.

4. Raise capital

The primary source of capital should be your funds. However, personal funds might not be enough; therefore, having a financial partner is the best option. If you have trouble securing a loan from a bank or other financial institution, you may want to consider approaching relatives and friends instead.

5. Business permits and licenses

Securing a business license is fundamental for anyone starting a business in Kenya. You must make sure that your gym business follows all rules and regulations. A single business license for a gym in Kenya costs Ksh 5,000 per year.

6. Buy gym equipment

Purchase the right equipment. For example, you will need cardio equipment like bikes, treadmills, and weights like dumbbells, curls, and squat racks

7. Gym business insurance

In the event of an accident, customers of a gym need to know that they will be taken care of financially. The insurance protects the fitness equipment against theft, fire, and breakdown.

8. Marketing

The social media era is too big to ignore since it is where many followers congregate regularly. Promote your gym’s services by posting on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gym Business in Kenya

Types of gym business in Kenya

There are three types of gym business in Kenya;

  • Community gyms
  • Independent gyms
  • Franchise gyms

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Cost of starting a gym business in Kenya

Starting a gym in Kenya may be expensive, but the cost varies based on factors like location and size. About Ksh 500,000 is required to launch a medium-sized fitness center. The fitness business is notably capital-intensive due to the need for expensive equipment and large amounts of floor space

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Should You Open a Gym in Kenya?


The fitness industry may be lucrative if you find a strategic location with a large client base. It’s essential to charge reasonable pricing that allows you to profit without exploiting your clients.

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