How to Start a Daycare Business in Kenya

Demand for daycare businesses in Kenya is rising, especially in urban areas. This article is a complete guide on how to start a successful daycare business in Kenya that can make a profit.

The days when house help from upcountry was affordable and was the social norm and practice are long gone. Due to the added expense of employee perks like NHIF deductions, maintaining a house help has recently become exceedingly costly.

In this twenty-first century, most parents have a variety of jobs to support their family due to the high cost of living. Therefore, having access to daycare for many parents is economical and secure for their kids.

Below are the steps to follow;

A daycare business in Kenya

1. Write a business plan

Create a daycare business plan that will assist you in implementing strategies that will enable you to accomplish your objectives.

2. Business location

Identify an ideal place for establishing your daycare. I am confident you will find the perfect space for a daycare facility. You may run the daycare from a rented property or your own home. Regardless of your decision, ensure that the area is spacious and safe for kids.

3. Startup capital

The initial investment required to launch a daycare center varies. Your choices will vary widely depending on whether you are launching a low-end, mid-level, or high-end establishment.

4. Get business licenses and insurance

Parents will first check if the daycare is licensed and insured. If you own a daycare, you should invest in a liability insurance policy to safeguard your company, your employees, and the kids in your care. When opening a daycare business in Kenya, you’ll need to get the following four licenses:

  • Single permit license – Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 15 000
  • Fire safety license – Ksh 3000.
  • Public health license – Ksh 3000.
  • Individual medical certificate – Ksh 1000.

5. Purchase equipment

Children are quickly bored, so you should provide your facility with various activities and toys to keep them occupied. Some of the equipment to buy include; a play house, mattresses/ nap mats, board games, swing sets, feeding chairs, balls, baby dolls, crayons/colors, changing tables, etc.

6. Advertising

Marketing is crucial to a company’s long-term success. The best approach to promoting your business is via word of mouth. Providing outstanding services is essential since word travels quickly once parents are happy. You can also print flyers and brochures and distribute them.

7. Hire personnel

Ensure that you hire qualified staff with proper training in CPR, first aid, and how to take care of children

Daycare Business in Kenya

Cost of starting a daycare business in Kenya

 The cost of opening a daycare business in Kenya depends on the size of your company and the equipment you choose to purchase. Daycare may be capital-intensive. It depends on whether you are establishing a high-end, middle-level, or low-end establishment. Below is the initial capital for each category;

  • Low end – Ksh 50 000 to Ksh 100 000
  • Middle level – Ksh 150 000
  • High end – Ksh 500 000 and above.

Profitability of daycare business in Kenya

 Daycare is a profitable business because prices for a single child range between Ksh 200 and Ksh 1000 per day.

In the most affluent neighborhoods of Nairobi, parents may expect to spend over Ksh30,000 each term (per kid). With this estimate, a modest daycare serving 20 kids might expect to bring in Ksh 700,000 in three months of operation.

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