How to Start a Movie Shop Business in Kenya

The movie shop business in Kenya started as a small enterprise, but now it’s among the most profitable sectors. The business is most popular among young people as it employs them. This article will provide the information you need to start a successful movie shop business in Kenya and earn a living.

Many people find watching movies and television shows is the best form of self-entertainment. The most recent television shows and films are pricey to obtain. Your decoder requires a premium membership, which you must pay, and many Kenyans cannot afford a monthly subscription.

 Kenya is said to have the cheapest internet in Africa. However, this should not stop you from opening a movie shop because not everyone can afford the internet to stream movies online.

Here are things you should know when starting a movie shop business in Kenya;

Movie shop business in Kenya

1. Location.

Location is a determining factor in whether your business will be a success. You should set up your movie shop in a place that is easily accessible and has high foot traffic. The best location for movie shops is near colleges, towns, residential areas, and shopping centers.

2. Obtain a business space

Renting a store or a business is the next step. You should be aware that rental fees for shops are sometimes higher in established and popular locations when renting one. The rent costs will also depend on the size of your business’s facility.

3. Licenses

You require a license from MCSK and a single business permit from your county government to lawfully run a movie shop. Your equipment will be seized for noncompliance if you don’t have these two licenses.

A business permit costs between Ksh 5000 to Ksh 15000 annually. An MCSK license fee is Ksh 3000 and Ksh 1000 for the Kenya Film Censorship Board (KFCB).

Movie shop business in kenya

Movie shop business requirements

To operate a successful movie business, you will require a variety of tools, including a good quality computer, LED T.V, movie posters, furniture, blank DVDs, woofers, a duplicator, and an internet connection.

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Starting capital for a movie shop business in Kenya