How to apply for NHIF, Packages and Requirements

Locally and globally, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) provides a variety of outpatient and inpatient treatments. The services include enhanced maternity care, complete covering of renal dialysis, and heart surgery expenses.

In addition, people with chronic conditions have access to medical treatment at nearly no additional expense. NHIF is an excellent insurance policy for both you and your family.

You may register for the National Hospital Insurance Funds offline or online by self-registering or by visiting a Huduma location.

A Kenyan resident who has reached the age of 18 and earns more than KES 1,000 per month or KES 12,000 per year is qualified for NHIF enrollment. Additionally, international students and foreign citizens may apply if they have the required documentation, such as copies of their passports and work permits.

New NHIF rates went into effect in 2019, with the lowest payment being KES 150 on a monthly income of up to KES 5,999 and the maximum contribution being KES 1,700 on a monthly income of above KES 100,000. Self-employed individuals will pay a monthly fee of KES 500.

How to apply for NHIF, Packages and Requirements
How to apply for NHIF, Packages and Requirements

Requirements For NHIF Registration

  1. A copy of the National ID
  2. A copy of your spouse’s National ID, if applicable.
  3. Colored passport photo (including spouse & dependents if applicable)
  4. For employed people, a copy of the employment letter.
  5. Original and copies of birth certificates for dependents.

Requirements For Foreign Students

  1. Photocopy of your passport.
  2. Colored passport size photo.
  3. Submit the required amount under the Voluntary/Self Employed Category

Requirements For Foreign Nationals

  1. Photocopies of an alien certificate, work permit, and passport (including spouse).
  2. Colored passport size photo (including spouse if applicable).

Employers Requirements

  1. Certificate of Registration
  2. PIN Certificate

Procedure for applying NHIF offline (in-person) and online

How to apply offline

  1. To apply, the applicant should go to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NIHIF) offices or Huduma Canter.
  2. You will be issued an NHIF Individual Registration Form or an Employer Registration Form to fill out and submit, depending on your application type.
  3. The form may also be downloaded and filled out before coming into the office to submit it. The paperwork may be obtained from the NHIF website and filled out before submitting them.
  4. Fill in your personal information, spouse information, children’s information, and desired outpatient facility information.
  5. Proceed to pay the Ksh 1500 registration fee.
  6. Attach copies of needed papers to the NHIF offices for processing, such as a copy of your ID, passport picture, marriage license if you are married, business PIN and company registration certificate, and bank payment slip.
  7. It usually takes seven days to finish registration. The NHIF ID card must be picked up