Suleiman Shahbal Biography, Business, Politics, Age, Wife and Net Worth

Suleiman Shahbal, born in Majengo Chura rising through all ranks being a millionaire and business icon. Suleiman is a business mogul and politician based in Mombasa.

Despite being an accomplished businessman his way up has encountered a lot of challenges including being declared bankruptcy not once but twice.  As a businessman, he knows failure is part of success and that’s why despite going through a financial crisis twice he always bounces back much stronger.

Following his success in the business industry, Shaban decided to change the battlefield and joined the political Arena in 2013 with an aim of becoming Mombasa’s first governor. In 2013, he was vying on the Wiper ticket but he was unsuccessful, losing the seat to Ali Hassan Joho.

Suleiman Shahbal Biography

Suleiman Shahbal Age and Place of Birth

The tycoon was born and raised in Mombasa county in a small village called Majengo Chura in 1961 and currently, he is around 61 or 62.

Suleiman Shahbal Family

The gubernatorial was raised by both parents whose occupation was teaching. His parents being teachers, they knew the importance of education and they emphasized on it and instilled it in him. According to him, his parents would drop him at the library from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.


He attended Kikowani primary school in Majengo and later landed a sponsorship which landed him to Nairobi School. Where he underwent several challenges, coming from a poor background but studying in a group of schools.

He remembers one incident where one of his prefects embarrassed him questioned why he was wearing an old blazer and he was a form one. It was heartbreaking for him but he managed to control his anger.

After completing his high school level he found himself in a tight spot of choosing a career where he had to choose to study law at the University of Nairobi or pursue business in the United State but he finally decided to go with the last option.

Suleiman Shahbal Wife

Shahbal is married to one strong woman, Rahma Shahbal whom he describes as one of the greatest pillars in his life. The two are parents though much is not known about their kids.

Suleiman Shahbal Net Worth

Shahbal is a millionaire though he has not yet revealed his actual net worth he has climbed the millionaire ladder.

Suleiman Shahbal Bio