Ali Hassan Joho Biography, Age, Career, Education & Net worth

Ali Hassan Joho is the deputy leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and a former governor of Mombasa County. He is an outspoken politician who has no qualms about voicing his opinions. He is regarded as the coastal region’s political powerhouse.

In this write-up, we delve into the biography of Ali Hassan Joho, highlighting his political career, educational background , drug allegations and net worth

Hassan Joho Age and Place of Birth

The vocal politician was born on February 26, 1976 in the coastal region. He is 47 years old as of 2023.

Family background

In an interview with Churchill, the former governor disclosed that his father was still living, despite having lost his mother some time ago. According to him, his father is still fairly robust and used to work at the Kenya Ports Authority. He is the older of two sisters and one brother, Abubakar Joho.

Wife and Kids

The governor has four children by marriage to Madina Hassan Joho.

Educational Background

He went to Tom Mboya Primary School, but the lack of school fees caused a one-year interruption in his studies. After enrolling at Serani Secondary School, Joho pursued odd jobs to supplement his income when he was in Form 3. The Governor was employed at the port, where he carried bags on his back. After Somalia descended into civil war, he looked for other sources of income. He became an excellent salesman by helping them sell a variety of goods.

In an interview with Daniel Ndambuki, he revealed some information about his education and upbringing.

“Every time cargo arrived at the dock, I used to haul bulky sacks. I recall seeing Somalis who were importing goods into Kenya in this way, and I made a self-promise that I would never employment,” he said.

Joho also mentioned that his principal was understanding when he showed up at school looking scruffy:

“Previously, I worked after school. I once even came to an understanding with the principal that since I come from a different background than most of the other students here, you have to give me room to be able to accomplish things. Like, don’t judge me based just on my clothing; please understand if I occasionally appear unclean,” he disclosed.

He is reported to have attended Gretsa University in Thika after first attending Kampala University.

Scoring a D- Allegations

There were claims in 2017 that his academic credentials from both his secondary and university had been forged. According to reports, he did not receive a C+ in 1992 but rather a D- in the KCSE Examination in 1993. Given that a C+ is the minimal admission requirement for a degree, this brought attention to the degree he earned from Gretsa University.

Kuria Thuo, Gretsa’s vice chancellor, reportedly told Business Daily that the governor earned a degree in commerce in 2016. Just before the 2017 general elections, a number of cases were initiated against him in response to these allegations.

The state was prohibited by a High Court order in October 2017 from looking into and going after him for forging his academic credentials. The governor will be harassed, the judge declared, if the case proceeds. The authorities’ timing for starting an investigation against the governor was also criticized by the court.

The Governor came clean and acknowledged receiving a D- on the KCSE in 2020.

“When I took my examinations in 1993, I received a D-. Don’t use this to make fun of me. The governor stated that it should be utilized to reassure exam-failers that their future is not determined by their grade,” he said.

However, he was cleared of the accusations and went on to become governor for a second term.

Hassan Joho’s Political Career

Joho Ventured into politics in the year 2002, after which he was elected as the Liberal Democratic Party’s Kisauni party chairman in 2004.

He ran for the Kisauni parliamentary seat in 2007 and was successful on behalf of the Orange Democratic Movement. He was also chosen to serve as the grand coalition government’s assistant minister of transportation following the elections.

He was chosen to serve as Mombasa country’s first governor on March 4, 2013. His opponent filed a lawsuit to stop him from swearing in, claiming that electoral manipulation had taken place. The swearing in continued after his petition was rejected

He effectively defended his seat in the 2017 general elections, becoming Mombasa governor for a second term. He retired 2022 and was succeeded by his close ally, Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir.

In a 2016 interview with KTN, he said he regretted that people would try to discredit him by associating him with narcotics. He claimed that although he and his family had a difficult period when the accusations initially surfaced, they managed to get past them. The head of Mombasa County also stated that the matter was resolved prior to the end of the 10th parliament.

Contempt of court

Joho was found in contempt of court on May 21, 2021, and given a sentence of 60 days in jail or a Ksh250,000 fine. Justice Munyao Sila gave the verdict, noting that even though he was found guilty, he did not express regret.

The judge said, “Mr. Hassan Joho’s mitigation statement lacks much remorse; his apparent lack of remorse is very perturbing to this court.”

Ashok Doshi, the millionaire steelmaker, filed a complaint, and he was scheduled to appear in court. According to Ashok Doshi, Mombasa County officials stormed his land in Changamwe, leaving it in a state of disarray and devastation.

Women and romantic affairs

Due to reports of his supposed relationships with well-known celebrities, Governor Ali Hassan has occasionally been the talk of the internet. Media star Betty Kyallo once came forward and admitted to having a romantic engagement with the governor. This came about following the breakdown of her marriage to Dennis Okari.

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He was also connected to well-known influencer Natalie Tewa in 2020. Many began spreading allegations that they were having an affair over lyrics and a purse. Following blogger Edgar Obare’s revelation, the story took off.

Security Detail

In 2016, the government withdrew his security detail. In a subsequent interview, Joho claimed that he was also requested to turn in his gun. He objected because he didn’t understand why they had abruptly taken away his security and demanded that he turn in his gun.

After almost eight months, the protection was put back in place, but according to Citizen TV Digital, he turned it down, claiming there was a plot to have him killed. Many believed that his security was taken away because of his daring attacks on the administration.

Hassan Joho’s Net worth

According to Naijaquest, the former governor estimated net worth is about 7.3 billion shillings. He has made most of his fortunes from business and political ventures.