Sabina Chege Biography, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Kids, Age and Education

Sabina Chege (Sabina Wanjiru Chege) is a vocal Kenyan politician serving as Muran’ga Women Representative. Prior to her current position, she enjoyed a very successful career in the media industry serving as a radio presenter and actress.

The iron lady has dominated the political field, becoming one of the most powerful women in politics. Since she joined politics in 2017, her career in that field has been growing rapidly and she has been elected twice to represent the people of Murag’a.

Her attractive and stunning beauty is not the only thing that describes her, cool personality and leadership skills describe her more. When it comes to performance, she doesn’t need to take hours explaining since her development projects can be traced from a distance.

The gorgeous women representative has already declared her bid to run for the gubernatorial position in the upcoming election. ‘Mama County’ as she is well known will battle the likes of Irungu Kanga’ta in order to clinch the county’s top job.

Despite being a performing a leader she has on several occasions been entangled in political controversies which will be covered in this article.

Sabina Chege and friends in leadership

Sabina Chege Age and Place of Birth

Sabina was born was in Murang’a country, on August 22nd, 1978, she will be turning 44 years in August 2022.

Sabina Chege Husband and Kids

Sabina Chege and daughter

The attractive women rep is married to Maina Gaitho, a former Kenya Daily Board acting General manager, as a second wife. She is also a mother of three kids, however, she has only one child with Maina while the other two are from her past relationship.

Sabina Chege Wealth

Sabina is one of the richest female politicians in the country with an estimated net worth of Ksh 100 million. Sabina earns over Ksh 700 monthly as a public servant.


Media career

She began her career working for local vernacular radio stations, starting with Coro Fm before moving to Kameme Fm. Her mastering of the Kikuyu language and how she eloquently delivered it landed her a media job without any papers.

Sabina worked with Kameme for almost three years before moving to Communication Firm Space Africa as the regional manager. With over half a decade of experience in media, she was employed by Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), a state-owned station in 2007.

With the KBC she worked as a program controller where her main role was to ensure everything aired in the station relates to the station’s rules and regulations.