Justin Muturi Biography, Career, Age, Family, Education and Net Worth

Justin  Muturi (Justin Bedan Njoka Muturi) is a Kenyan politician who currently serve as the Attorney General of Kenya. In addition, he is also a former Speaker of the Kenya National Assembly who served as the 7th Speaker of the Kenya National Assembly.

JB Muturi as he is well known, was the first Speaker since Kenya copped a Bicameral parliament system as per the 2010 Constitution. He secured his opposition after the second round of voting by the Member of the National Assembly on 28 March 2013, defeating the former speaker Kenneth Marende.

Muturi is referred to as provocative in many of his rulings in the National Assembly, but that never stops him from doing what is best for the country as the head of the legislature.

In 2021, Muturi was seen as the perfect fit to replace Uhuru as Mt.Kenya’s Kingpin in terms of politics. In order to take the helm, Muturi had to undergo coronation which received resistance from part of the leaders in Mt.Kenya.

Justin Muturi Bio

Justin Muturi Age and Place of Birth

Muturi was born in Kenya on 28th April 1966.

Justin Muturi Family

Muturi is the son of Bedan Njoka, who served in the police service in order to put something on the table. According to Muturi his father was very strict and provided everything required in the house.

However, Muturi has never revealed anything about his mother. The same case extends to his love life with his wife and kids being away from the limelight.

Justin Muturi Education

The prominent politician attended Kangaru Boys High School for his ‘O’ levels, where he was suspended and never reported the suspension to his father. His father discovered about the suspension when he went to secure admission for his A levels.

He later enrolled at the University of Nairobi’s school of law where he graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree. After graduating, he joined the Kenya School of Law and pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Law.

Salary and Net Worth

Serving as the Speaker of the National Assembly, Muturi received an estimated salary of over Kes 600k and above. Speaking of his net worth during his vetting session with the parliament, Muturi declared his wealth as Ksh 700million which adds him to the list of Kenyan millionares.


Justin Muturi Bio