George Nene Bio, Career, Education, Age, Campaigns and Net Worth

George Nene, born in 2000 is  the Kenya’s youngest politician serving as a member of county assemby in Elementaita word, Nakuru county. Just like jesus who entered Jerusalem riding a donkey that’s the same way Nene entered the Nakuru county assembly after he floored Nakuru’s county majority leader while campaigning on a donkey.

Nene was elected as member of county assembly at the 9th August General Election, ganering 4,310 votes defeating Moses Ndungu a UDA candidate and the majority leader of Nakuru county assembly, becoming the youngest MCA at 22 years. Nene who became notable for using donkey as the campaign trail was vying on a Safini party ticket, which is headed by Jimmy Wanjigi.

George Nene Biography

George Nene Age and Place of Birth

Nene was born in 2000 in Ngecha village, Elentaita ward, Nakuru County.

George Nene Family

Much is not known about his parent or sibling but with time the details will be updated later.


George Nene Biography

Before diving into politics, the ambitious man was a student at the Egerton University. As a poor man all he had was this big dream of changing his ward and the only way he could have achieved this is to get into a leadership position where he can be take care of his village men.

The start wasn’t easy and looking at our polical campaign set up where people expect you to give them something before lending you their ears. Nene didn’t have anything to offer apart from the promises and hope. Many people didn’t take him serious  but he kept feeding them his agenda day by day and slowly people started buying his ideas.

One of the things that Nene ignored was the kind of campaign his worthy and rich competitors were doing. Poverty was his only fear and he knew there was no loss in trying and he was lucky to clinch the seat

The Campaign Journey

In Kenyan political campaign history, Nene’s story broke the record year back people treked for long distances selling their agendas and some used bicycle, those are uncommon stories you can get in campaigning history of Kenya. However, using a donkey as the main campaining trail was on another level.

Prior to getting the donkey Nene had tried to use a bicycle but in his ward you can’t avoid hilly places and this became a challenge for him. One of his close friends offered him his donkey together with a cart “mkokoteni” to use it as a campaign trail.

As time went by well wisher now started showing interest on his campaigns and they started funding him with the less they had. The little he got he paid for speakers and generator fuel that he used in communicating to his ward-men.

After a long hustle and bustle, the people of Elementainta eventually had his cry and voted for him overwhelmigly defeating a candidate that was vying with region-dominated party ticket. Having asked for the opportunity the only thing left if for  him to deliver what he promised his people.

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