Boni Khalwale Biography, Career, Age, Wives, Medicine and Net Worth

Boni Khalwale is a renowned Kenyan politician who is well known for his side career of endorsing bullfighting earning him the title “Bullfighter”. Khalwale is one of the most outspoken politicians who is never afraid of speaking his mind.

The famous bullfighter rose to fame in 2012 when he blasted Amos Kimunya over Dela Lue Saga. His “Kimunya Must Go” remarks thrilled everyone and up to date people still recall that moment.

When William Samoei Ruto was the Minister for agriculture, he was also roasted by the vocal politician over Maize scandals. Khalwale has always been a number criticizer of William Ruto, in 2017 he questioned Ruto’s wealth claiming his salary cannot manage to maintain the kind of lifestyle he has.

Surprisingly, Khalwale has now changed the tune from a criticizer to a praiser of William Ruto. Currently, he is the chief campaigner of Ruto in the Western Region.

Boni Khalwale Bio

Boni Khalwale Age and Place of Birth

He was born in Malinya, Kakamega county on 5th August 1960.

Boni Khalwale Family

The outspoken politician was born in a poor family where some basic needs like shoes were luxury to them. His parents never had much but they managed to feed them.


The former member of parliament attended Malinya primary school before joining Musingu Boys High School where he completed his “O Levels”. After that Khalwale joined Kakamega High School for his “A-Levels. ”

He then proceeded to the University of Nairobi in 1981, where he pursued Medicine.

Boni Khalwale Wives and Kids

Boni Khalwale Bio
Boni Khalwale and his Daughter (Photo/Courtesy)

Hailing from the western region of Kenya where polygamy is not a new thing and is part of their lives, Khalwale has followed in his forefathers’ footsteps and he has more than one wife and children.

Khalwale his first wife Adelaide Shikanga when he was a second-year student at the University of Nairobi but he was able to maintain. However, Adelaide later succumbed to cancer after four decades of marriage.

According to Khalwale, his wife was diagnosed with cervix cancer in 2003. She managed to fight the disease for over 10 years before she was overpowered by the disease in 2019.

Before her death, she was serving as a secretary at the Education Department at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kakamega.