Top National Football Teams in Africa

Top National Football Teams in Africa; Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in terms of talents, attraction sites, and culture. Football is among the talents that Africa is proud of having.

With 54 countries, every country has a national team that does well in its own capacity. However, for decades few teams have remained dominant in Africa’s football history and they have represented Africa in several World Cup competitions.

These teams have been in existence since many countries got their independence and they have produced a series of great players whose reputations went beyond Africa. However,  in one way or the other, most African stars have been jetting out of Africa to Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia in search of green pasture.

They only return during the African Cup of Nations Competition to represent their countries. Some even decide to fully abandon their duties and go ahead to play internationally for other teams. Below is the list of top national football teams in Africa.

List of Top National Football Teams In Africa.

1. Senegal

Top National Teams In Africa

Senegal was founded in the 1960s and they are famously known as the Lion of Teranga. It has been one of the most successful national teams in Africa having represented Africa in Several World Cup competitions. The reigning AFCON champions will also be hitting the upcoming 2022 World Cup competitions in Qatar.

In 2002 they reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup competition but they were beaten mercilessly by Turkey. The same year they finished runners-up in the AFCONs before collecting the win in 2021. Currently, Sadio Mane is the top goal scorer with 33 goals.

2. Egypt

The land of Mohamed Gardaffi has also dominated the football world in Africa for decades. The Pharaos as they are well known are regarded as one of the most successful teams in Africa’s football history.

They have netted the AFCON trophy seven times, they have only made three appearances on the world stage but they have never made it past the group stages. In 2017, they took the bar a little bit higher after they hit 24 consecutive AFCONS matches unbeaten.  The Egyptians really embrace their own and they are very committed to their local leagues than other leagues. At one time for one to qualify to play for the national team, they had to have experience playing for local teams.

3. Cameroon

Top National Teams In Africa

The Indomitable Lions as they are well known have proved they really are the Lions on the pitch. They were the official host of the 2021 AFCON but were eliminated in the semi-finals and finished in 3rd place. The home of Samuel Etoo has bagged five AFCONs trophies and still hunting for more. They have made four World Cup Appearances and the best they have gone is the quarterfinals in 1990. Samuel Etoo stands as the country’s top scorer with 56 goals

4. Nigeria

Legends like Jay Jay Okacha were molded in this country. The Super Eagles have struggled to remain relevant for many years pushing it hard day by day. Their dominance can be traced from way back in the 1990s when they were nicknamed The Giants of Africa due to their prowess in the game.