List of Players in Tusker FC, Age, Position and Salaries

Tusker FC players; All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, this has been the case in most of Kenya’s huge organizations. However, these organizations decided to take their “play” to a higher level by forming football teams that participate in national leagues.

Unlike many countries, in Kenya, most of the football clubs are owned and funded by big companies as well as government parastatals. Well, Tusker FC is not an exemption from those teams owned by big companies.

The club has been in existence for over five decades now under the leadership of East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL), one of the biggest beer producers in East Africa.

When they first inaugurated the club in 1969 they named it Kenya Breweries. However, they later rebranded it to Tusker, one of their most selling beer brand country-wide but nicknamed it “The Brewers”.

Since then the club’s roots have spread deeper into the ground and uprooting can decades. Being in the game for such a long time Tusker is one of the most popular clubs in the country and according to stats, it’s ranked as the third most successful club.

Their successful journey comes along with 12 KPL titles, in fact, they are the reigning champion after clinching the 2020-21 KPL title. In addition, the defending champions have also won four East Africa CECAFA Clubs Cup titles.

Tusker FC Players

Tusker FC Player Salaries

As per stats, players’ salaries match the success of the club as well as the name. The bigger the name the deeper the club goes to reward its players.

Being among the top teams in the country it is also the best paying club in the country. According to reports, the highest earner takes home Kes 70,000 while the lowest earner takes home Kes 40,000. On top of that players also earn allowances totaling Kes 10,000 if they win a match, for a draw the players take home an allowance of Kes 5000.

List of Tusker FC Players

Tusker FC Players

Tusker is among the teams that have molded great players who have managed to extend their talent abroad. Allan Wanga is among the most successful players to have passed through the hands of Tusker FC.

Below is the player’s list


1. Patrick Matasi

  • Year of Birth: 1988
  • Nationality: Kenyan

2. Brian Bwire

  • Year of Birth: 2001
  • Nationality: Kenyan

3. Duncan Ochieng

  • Year of Birth: 1979
  • Nationality: Kenyan

4. Emery Mvuyekure

  • Year of Birth: 1993
  • Nationality: Tanzanian


5. Nashon Alembi 

  • Year of Birth: 1970
  • Nationality: Kenyan

6. Eric Ambunya 

  • Year of Birth: 1994
  • Nationality: Kenyan

7. Sammy Meja

  • Year of Birth: 1996
  • Nationality: Kenyan

8. Hillary Wandera 

  • Year of Birth: 1992
  • Nationality: Kenyan

9. Eugene Asike

  • Year of Birth: 1991
  • Nationality: Kenyan

10. Charles Momanyi