Interesting Facts About Wazito F.C, History, Achievements, Stadium and More

Wazito F.C is a professional football club based in Nairobi Kenya participating in Kenya’s top division, FKF League. Lately, the club’s performances have been attracting many football lovers’ attention despite being a young and growing team.

The team is owned by a foreign investor and a football enthusiast who has been pushing hard and investing heavily in the club to ensure it gets to the top of the league. In the nutshell, we provide you with important insights about Wazito F.C success journey, history, owner, achievement, stadium, and much more.

Wazito F.C History

Wazito F.C

Wazito F.C, a Swahili name meaning heavyweight was founded in 2011 by the University of Nairobi football team alongside its former players. The Nairobi University Alumni decided to form a strong team with an aim of competing in the top-flight league after several training sessions with the Nairobi University team.

In order to establish their name in the top league, the club played a lot of friendlies against the top teams. In 2012 the club made its debut in the Nairobi County football league.

The Nairobi County football league ranks in the fifth tier of the Kenyan Football League. It was a humble beginning for the club but it managed to beat all odds and they were crowned the champions.

In 2013, the club was promoted to the Provincial league where they also conquered and emerged as the winners after thrashing Kangemi United in penalties. Climbing the ladder became easy getting two league titles back to back.

Eventually, the club received its first call to the FKF Division one, one of the most valued leagues and involves a lot of traveling from one county to another. The heavyweights went and did what they do best and won their third league title at the end of the 2014 season stamping the title of the club “Wazito”.

After being crowned champions the club’s next stop was the Kenyan National Super League which is the third tier of the FKF league. The more they rose in league ranks meant more traveling and challenges here and there.

Being a top-notch league it was a little bit tough for the heavy boys as they finished the season as runners-up behind the Kenya Police in 2015. Despite finishing as runners-up the team still got a promotion to the second-tier league.

In 2016 the club began the season in the rebranded National Super League. However, the season wasn’t kind for Wazito F.C as they ended the season in position 11, meaning there was no promotion to the first-tier league.

In 2017, the club worked its way up and received a promotion to Kenya’s top-flight league, Kenya Premier League for the first time after struggling for six years. However, in 2018 their stay at the top league was cut short after they were relegated back to the Super National League before earning their spot back in 2019 and they have maintained it since then.

Wazito F.C Owner and Leadership

Wazito F.C
Wazito FC owner, Ricardo Badoer (Photo/Courtesy)

The club is owned by a Swedish business tycoon, Ricardo Badoer. The Swedish investor took ownership of the club in 2018 since the club was founded by the Nairobi University Alumni. The club also has a CEO by the name of Dennis Gicheru as well as a manager by the name of Fred Ambani.

Wazito F.C Head Coach