Interesting Facts About Tusker FC, History, Trophies, Leadership and More

Tusker FC, speaking of successful football clubs in Kenya then you can’t exclude ‘The Brewers’ from that list. The club has a string of well-earned trophies and a legacy that they have maintained for over five decades.

Tusker FC is a household name with a reputable track record in Kenya’s Premier League, but have you ever wondered who owns the club or how the club came into existence?. Well, we take our time to analyze some of the interesting facts about Tusker FC from its establishments, achievements, and a lot more.

Tusker FC History

Interesting Facts About Tusker FC
Tusker FC in 1990s (Photo/ Tusker FC on Twitter)

The club was founded in 1969 by the East African Breweries (EABL), one of the largest beverage producers in East Africa. The club was branded as Kenya Breweries following the operations done by the company.

In 1999, the companies found it necessary to rename the club from Kenya Breweries to Tusker F.C. The name was derived from one of their most popular beer brand, Tusker.

The club has risen through the ranks and currently is among the most popular teams in Kenya. On top of that, it’s ranked as the third most successful football club in Kenya behind AFC Leopard and Gor Mahia.

Tusker FC Leadership, Coach, and Captain

The club has been under the leadership of East African Breweries since its inception. EABL does not only own the club but also sponsors its day-to-day activities.

EABL being among the top-notch companies in Kenya, they have also ensured the club is also at the top financially. According to reports, the club is valued among the top five wealthiest football clubs in Kenya with an estimated net worth of Kes 39.6 million.

Currently, the club is headed by Daniel Aduda who serves as the Chairman while Robert Matano handles the field formation as the head coach. Patrick Matasi, a top-class goalkeeper who has been called to the national team severally seals the leadership board by serving as the team’s captain.

Achievements and Trophies

Interesting Facts About Tusker FC

Tusker has not only succeeded in clinching trophies but it has gone further to deliver and produce international players who are currently playing internationally. Michael Olunga and Allan Wanga are perfect examples of players who gained their first league experience at Tusker FC.

When it comes to collecting titles Tusker has been doing so politely. At the moment they have four East African CECAFA Clubs Cup Titles. On top of that, they are the defending champion of KPL after they secure the 2020-21 trophy.

The reigning champions are now the third team with most KPL titles having collected 12 league titles behind ‘Ingwe’ who are second with 13