Interesting Facts About Mwamba RFC, Owner, Trophies, Academy

Mwamba RFC (Mwamba Rugby Football Club) is among the top rugby team in Kenya that have been growing and nurturing young talents in Kenya’s rugby game. Mwamba RFC alias Kulabu is a member of the Kenya rugby union participating in the Kenya Cup, Kenya’s top rugby league.

The team is regarded as one of the most successful rugby teams in Kenya, they are the reigning champions of the Driftwood Sevens after taking the 2022 Cup home. Join us as we dig deep into some of the interesting facts about Mwamba RFC, we discuss the owner, foundation, trophies, stadium, and much more.

Mwamba RFC Foundation

Mwamba RFC is one of the oldest rugby teams in the country, it was founded in 1977 and it has been in existence for over four decades. The main target and inspiration behind the formation of the team were to promote local rugby and give young Kenyan players an opportunity to thrive in their own country.

At the time of its foundation, rugby was still a white man’s game and it had really grown and black Kenyans didn’t have enough platforms to showcase their talents. The Nairobi-based club was named Mwamba, a Swahili name that means ‘rock’ or ‘boulder.’

The idea behind the naming of the club was to signifier performance stability, passion to nurture young talents, firmness in thriving in local leagues, and consistency in keeping the dream of the founding father.

Mwamba RFC

Mwamba RFC Academy

In August 2021, Mwanba RFC joined forces with Wadi Degla Sports Club to grow and develop the sport among young and talented rugby enthusiasts who have a passion for the game. The academy was named WD-Mwamba Rugby Academy and it targets young players within the age of 4 years who will be nurtured using the Tag Rugby techniques. The training will go all the way until they are 18 years an appropriate age to play at the club level.

Mwamba has been the home to some of the best rugby players in Kenya that have created a good reputation in the rugby scene. The legend Humphrey Kayange is a product of the Mwamba RFC.

Owner and Leadership

Currently, the team is headed by George Mbaye who is serving as the chairman. In 2019, the club announced the passing on of the founding member of the team, George Mng’ong’o. George was the founding father of Mwamba Scrum Half.

Head Coach and Captain

Kevin Wambua is the one holding the rudder, Wambua’s performances can be described as stunning if not impressive. Though much is not known about his appointment his work is recommendable. On the other hand,  Patrick Ruhiu takes up as the team Captain.

Mwamba RFC

Mwamba RFC Trophies

The club has been doing great for the last four decades and it has secured several accolades in its name.

  • Kenya Cup Winner (1987)
  • Enterprise Cup winner (1985, 1986, 2006,2013)
  • National Seven Circuit (2003, 2007,2008,2010,2011)