Interesting Facts About Mathare United F.C. Owners, Stadium, and Much More

Mathare United F.C, discovered in the famous slums of Mathare and beating all odds to play in Kenya’s top league, Kenya Premier League. Its roots being the slums the boys adopted ‘Slum Boys’ as their nickname.

The team was established to curb crime and poverty among the youths in the slums but it has managed to keep so many youths off the crime scenes. Being one of the most followed clubs in Kenya Premier League, we take time to analyze some of the most interesting facts about Mathare United, from the owner, stadium, to management.

Mathare United FC History

Mathare United

Mathare United is a professional football club founded in the slums of Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, the club participates in the Kenya Premier League, which is the top tier of Kenya’s football league.

The club was founded in 1992, by its current chairman Bon Munro who noticed the state of the Mathare area. To get something positive from jobless youths, Munro came up with an initiative of creating a football association that not only plays on the field but also assists the community in cleaning the streets.

In order to bring everyone on board, Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) was founded. MYSA is a football association that later extended its wings to other slums. Through the association, young and talented boys and girls were recruited into the program.

Mathare United and Mathare Youth F.C are among the products of the Mathare Youth Sports Association. Mathare United was the first team to be promoted to the top tier league while Mathare Youth served as the feeder before receiving a promotion to the top league to rival their seniors in2012.


The club is owned by Mathare Youth Sports Association which was founded by Bob Munro. Bob is the primary owner of the club and he has been the chairman of the club since 1994, he has been managing as well as running the club business successfully.

Mathare United Coach

Mathare United F.C.
Mathare United C.E.O and Head Coach (Photo/Courtesy)

At the moment the team is headed by John Kamau well known as Kenyan “Guardiola” who is expected to serve until the end of the season. As of 2022, the club isn’t fighting to win the cup but they have shifted their focus on avoiding relegation.

In order to avoid the embarrassment of relegation, the club is doing everything possible to repaint their fading glory.

Mathare United Home Stadium