Interesting Facts About KCB Rugby Club, Owner, Coach and Trophies

KCB Rugby Club is a top-flight rugby team based in Nairobi, Kenya. The team is a rugby union team competing in Kenya’s top-tier league, Kenya Cup, and Eric Shirley Shield.

KCB Rugby is among the top rugby teams in Kenya that have been performing impressively for the past three decades that they have been in existence. The Bank-owned team has been in the front-row in nurturing and shaping young talents and making them professional players.

Being under the Kenya Commercial Bank, the KCB rugby team is considered their flagship sports team, being the first team they placed their investment in before venturing in other sports.

KCB Rugby Club

KCB Rugby Club History

Its history tracks began at Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), the biggest beverage drink producer in Kenya. KBL founded a rugby team in 1983 and branded it as Kenya Breweries Rugby Football Club after a few employees from the company who were playing for other teams decided to form their own team.

Following the formation of the team, many employees from the club went on and signed for the club and many were just rugby enthusiasts but they had never touched a rugby team. In 1984 the team joined the Eric Shirley Shield, a second-tier league in rugby union league.

They later earned a promotion to the top-tier league, Kenya Cup in 1987. However, they played for one season and they were sent back to the second tier at the start of the 1988 season. They earned their sport back the same at the end of that year in 1988, however, despite earning a promotion, they were handed a sucker punch by their sponsor, KBL. This was after the company decided to narrow its sports investments by disbanding some of the sports teams and the rugby team was among them.

The transition from KBL to KCB

KCB Rugby Club

Following the sudden sponsorship withdrawal from their main sponsors, players started hunting for suitable habitats to rescue their talents. However, some decided not to give up on what they had built, instead, their hunt was channeled into looking for a sponsor to help them get back to their feet.

They held talks with many organizations but many weren’t convinced by their proposals. They later landed at KCB and long talks were held before the Bank decided to pen down the deal.

In 1989, the deal was done and they picked back to where they had stopped in the Kenya Cup taking the place of the disbanded KBL. The team was branded KCB Rugy Football Club.

At the start of the 2010-2011 season, the club rebranded dropping the name ‘Football’, becoming KCB Rugby Club.

Owner and Leadership