Who Owns Zuku? Njeri Rionge Wealth and Business

Zuku is currently one of the leading Internet Service Providers in East Africa. The multibillion-company is also the top cable TV service provider competing shoulder to shoulder with DStv, Gotv, and others.

Even though the company, provides different services, Zuku established itself through the ZUKU TV package launching the services in various African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Malawi.

In our feature, we tell the story of the founder and owner of Zuku, we’ll also check on other investments that the owner is linked to.

Who Owns Zuku TV?

Who Owns Zuku?

Zuku is owned by Wananchi Group Holdings which was founded by Njeri Rionge, a self-made billionaire and a technopreneur who has invested heavily in ensuring people are entertained and connected to the online world at the same time.

The iron lady has been in the business world for over two and half decades now and so far her empire has expanded beyond Kenya.

Who is Njeri Rionge?

Rionge was born and raised in Nairobi County as the firstborn in a family of five children. Her mother was a local farmer while her father served as the City Council of Nairobi’s head architect.

She studied at the United States International University (USIU) where she pursued Business Administration and Management.

Early Career

Despite being raised in a humble business, Njeri had a passion for business since she was a little Kid. However, she decided to practice her skills when she completed her O-levels, opening a yogurt-selling shop behind a friend’s car.

She later got a job at a Salon where she met different customers who wanted flashy things and since business was running through her veins, she started taking economy courier trips to London. She would purchase things from high-end fashion brands and sell them to her Kenyan customers at a profit.

Business Career

Who Owns Zuku?

Her journey in the business world began in the late 90s when the urge for personal computers started rising. Through the increase in personal computers, owners of these computers were facing only one problem, the Internet.

At the time, the internet was not for everyone, it was believed to be a thing of the haves and Njeri wanted to change this narrative. In her search for a better solution, she launched Wananchi Online in 1999.

However, getting all things ready to start that kind of business wasn’t easy as she faced challenges from the government as well as the competitors at the time who were enjoying the monopoly of the business.