Mash Poa Fare, Routes, Booking and Contacts

Mash Poa is one of the biggest transportation companies in East Africa operating under the umbrella of Mash East Africa which owns a fleet of high-end transportation buses operating in different towns in East Africa. The company was founded in 2002 and for over two decades it has been growing and expanding its territory as well as upgrading its services.

Other than Mash Poa Mash East Africa also manages Mash Cool which is considered as the VIP bus as its rates are slightly different from Mash Poa. In Kenya the transit industry is considered as one of the most indisciplined, however, for Mash East Africa their vision is to ensure they operate the most disciplined company in the transportation industry.

Mash Poa has also agreed to embrace technology in their daily to daily tasks, other than offering well-serviced buses the company has given their customer an option to book a bus seat from the comfort of their sitting rooms or place of work via their online booking platform.

Being long-distance buses the company has ensured that the security of their clients is paramount and they have invested in 24-hour security surveillance monitoring via GPRS systems managed by their team. On top of that, their speed is also monitored from a control center and if the driver exceeds the speed set by the company, a speeding alert will automatically be sent to the control tower.

Their buses feature air conditioning, plasma screen,s and comfy and well-spaced seat to ensure you enjoy your journey. In this article, we take a look at the transport rate in different destinations around the country.

Mash Poa Fare and Route

Mash Poa Fare and Route

Traveling from;To and Flo
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Mash Poa Bookings

Mash Poa Fare and Route

When it comes to booking customers have different options, you can decide to physically visit their office located on different towns. You can also make a call to one of their offices and you will be directly on how to make the payments and advised the departure time of the bus to avoid being left behind due to punctuality.

Another option is online booking which has been well embraced by the younger generation and actually it is the easiest way to book a bus to your destination. To book a seat online follow the below steps.

  1. Visit Mash Poa website
  2. On the Menu Bar Click Book a Trip
  3. You will be directed to another Tab that has two options “One Way” and “Round Trip” One Way Trip you pay for only heading to your destination while Round Trip you too and flo at the same time.
  4. The Tab also has a Start journey and Destination all you have to do is click and select your starting point and Destination
  5. Once you have selected your start and destination select the date you wish to travel.
  6. You will have numerous time frames with each time frame having a different price rate. Select the one that suits your budget then you will be directed to book a seat and click Proceed.
  7. After that you will be asked to select your pick up and drop off.
  8. The last part you will fill in your information and then proceed with the payments and confirmation.

Mash Poa Contacts

The company has different office contact in different towns below are their contacts.