Who Owns Galana Energies? Shareholders and Other Businesses

Galana Energies is not a common name to many Kenyans but it’s a household name in the oil industry. Despite operating behind the scenes for years, Galana Energies has gained public attention after it emerged as one of the companies claiming ownership of 100,000 metric tons of Diesel.

While all party awaits for the court to determine the real owner of the shipment, many eyes are now focusing on getting more information on this hidden giant that controls the oil markets. According to Whownskenya, Galana Oil is among the top companies that have been winning Open Tender System (OTS) since 2004.

OTS is a system that allows private companies to apply for tender to import and supply fuel consumed in the country. With all said and done about Galana Energies, who are the owners of the multi-billion company. This article highlights the shareholders of the company as other businesses associated with Galana Energies.

Who Owns Galana Energies?

Who Owns Galana Energies?

The Kenya-based oil company was inaugurated in 2000 and since then it has been propelled in the oil industry venturing into the import and export of quality petroleum products. Currently, three companies are the key players in the ownership of the company with Tapiola Limited having 1,598 shares followed by Sai Ram Investment Company with 15,76 shares same as Romichi Company which also has equal shares as Sai Ram.

Even though Tapiola and Sai Ram have maintained a low profile regarding the shareholders, Joseph Gitau Mburu stands as the largest individual shareholder of the Romichi Company. The tycoon is then followed by Rose Wamuyu Gitau, Wanjiku Gitau, and Wairimu Gitau.

Under the ownership of the three companies, Galana has managed to remain consistence in winning open tenders. This means as the winner of the bid, all dealers are supposed to purchase petroleum products from them before distributing to Kenyans following the EPRA-regulated prices.

During the fuel shortage that was experienced in Kenya in April 2023, Galana Energies imported 241,868 metric tonnes of super petrol. One month later they imported  102,072 metric tonnes of petrol and 16.052 metric tonnes of kerosene.

Companies Under Galana Energies

Who Owns Galana Energies?

Despite being the importer, they are also the owners of Delta Petro Station which has numerous branches around the country. Owning a petrol station doubles them as importers and dealers of the same product.

However, despite conquering the import and export industry their petrol stations have been ranking in the top ten dealers of Petroleum, ranking below the likes of OLA and Oryx.

Galana Energies 17Billion Oil Saga

Galana has been importing and exporting oil products for over two decades, however, in November 2023 the company seemed to have encountered a challenge after another importer claimed their cargo. Ann Importer and Exporter, a company owned by Ann Njeri Njoroge, came out and claimed a cargo worth 17 billion was her’s.