Modern Coast Fare, Routes, Booking and Contacts

Travel in Style is its motto, Modern Coast is considered the parent to luxurious buses and it has managed to keep up with the pace. The long-distance coach is one of the oldest coaches in Kenya and most of the older coaches have already closed down since they never created room for advancement.

The company started in 1985 as a logistics company and since then it has maintained a trend that ensures they are up to date with buses and technology. Modern Coast Express, operates under the umbrella of the Modern Coast Group of Companies. Its approach to innovation, restructuring, and technology has played a major role in the growth of the company.

Their transportation services, extend beyond Kenya as it also operates in Uganda and Tanzania.  Being a long-distance coach, comfort is its priority, their buses feature a fitted air conditioner, Wi-Fi connection, reclining seats and if you have someone with disability the bus can also accommodate persons with disability.

If you are planning to travel on one of their buses, then this article is for you as it provides the Fare rates, Routes, Booking, and Contacts in case of any inquiry.

Modern Coast Fare Rates and Routes

Modern Coast Fare and Route

Leaving from;         Traveling to;             Fare (Low and High Season)

Nairobi                   Kakamega                         Ksh1,200 – Ksh1,500

Nairobi                   Jinja                                    Ksh3,200 – Ksh3,500

Nairobi                   Kirundo (Burundi)             Ksh11,000 – Ksh11,500

Nairobi                   Mtito Andei                       Ksh1,500 – Ksh1,900

Nairobi                   Busia                                 Ksh2,200 – Ksh2,700

Mombasa              Kisumu                              Ksh2,500 – Ksh2,900

Mombasa              Nairobi                             Ksh1,700 – Ksh2,100

Kisumu                   Mombasa                        Ksh2,300 – Ksh3,000

Kisumu                   Bujumbura                      Ksh5,600 – Ksh6,000

Nakuru                   Kisumu                            Ksh1,000 – Ksh1,500

Nakuru                    Busia                             Ksh900 – Ksh1,300