Easy Coach Fare, Routes, Booking and Contacts.

Easy Coach is one of the most popular long-distance transportation companies in Kenya, the company has been on the ground for over two decades now, starting in 2003. The company is among the transportation companies that brought class and sanity to the transportation sector.

The long-distance coach has its headquarters in Railways, Nairobi county, and most companies’ business is handled via this office. Being on the ground for over 20 years, the company has been advancing day in and day out to ensure their buses are of standard and the comfort is in check.

Other than quality services, Easy Coach also ranks as one of the transportation companies offering pocket-friendly charges for all their services including parcels in different routes.

During their starting stages, the iconic transportation company was plying only on one route Nairobi to Kisumu. The company expanded to other routes due to the rise in demand for its satisfying services. Currently, the company plies in over 15 routes. Its bus count has also risen from 11 to over 50 and over 900 people depend on the company direct and indirect.

Below is the price chart of different routes associated with Easy Coach

Easy Coach Fare and Routes

Easy Coach Fare and Routes

Departure        Destination      Price

Nairobi               Kisumu              Ksh1,750
Nairobi               Sirare                Ksh1,450
Nairobi               Bondo              Ksh1,750
Nairobi               Busia               Ksh1,800
Nairobi              Mbale               Ksh1,750
Nairobi              Usenge            Ksh1,750
Nairobi              Malaba            Ksh1,750
Nairobi              Kimilil               Ksh1,650
Nairobi              Bumala            Ksh1,800
Nairobi             Homabay         Ksh1,400
Nairobi              Kericho            Ksh1,500
Bomet               Kisii                  Ksh700
Bomet               Sori                  Ksh950
Bomet               Oyugis             Ksh700
Kapsabet         Nakuru             Ksh1,350
Bungoma        Nakuru              Ksh1,500
Kakamega       Nairobi             Ksh1,650
Kakamega       Nakuru             Ksh1,150
Nairobi            Malaba              Ksh1,750

Easy Coach Bookings

Easy Coach Fare and Routes

Booking has now advanced and made easier compared to several years back when people needed to queue to book a ticket to their destination. With the current technology, you can book a ticket from anywhere as long as you don’t miss the departure time.

However, the online option applies to those who have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet, and internet. If you are unable to access the online option, you can use the traditional method and present yourself to the booking office and grab yourself a ticket.

Below are the steps to book a ticket online.

  1. Visit Easy Coach’s official website by clicking on this link www.easycoachkenya.com
  2. The link will direct you to the Easy Coach Home Page which also serves as the booking page
  3. Click on the field marked “From” This will give you different routes, scroll, and select your start location.
  4. After that, click on the field marked “TO” In this field select your destination
  5. Go ahead and select the date you want to travel and click the “Make a booking” button.
  6. Once you click the button, you’ll get different selections varying with time of departure and arrival. Select the one that fits your time of departure.
  7. After you select the seat available, you will be required to enter your personal information including your mobile number and ID number.
  8. Once the details are in order you will make the payment via M-pesa
  9. Once the payment is done, your ticket can be sent via a SMS or you can download and print it.