Tahmeed Fare, Routes, Booking and Contacts

If you travel long-distance regularly, Tahmeed Express might not be a new term to you as it ranks as one of the best transportation companies in East Africa. The transit company offers affordable and luxury rides in the same package making a long ride short.

Their buses feature reclining seats, air conditioners, fitted TV screens, and a secure Wi-Fi connection to ensure you are always connected to the online world. Tahmeed Express operates in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, where it hits different counties with its main route being to and from Nairobi.

In other countries, Tahmeed ply to Kampala, Uganda, and Dar es Salam in Tanzania.  The transportation company boasts a fleet of over 50 buses that are of standard to hit the long-distance journies. In this article, we look at the routes, the amount of fare you need, how to book via the online platform, and also share contacts that you might use in case of any inquiry.

Tahmeed Fare and Routes

Tahmeed Fare and Routes

Departure point                 Destination                   Fare Rate

Nairobi                                Mtwapa                         Ksh1,300

Nairobi                                Moshi, TZ                       Ksh2,500

Mombasa                           Nairobi                           Ksh1,500

Mombasa                          Busia                               Ksh2,500

Mombasa                          Ugunja                            Ksh2,500

Mombasa                          Malaba                           Ksh2,500

Mombasa                         Dar es Salaam, TZ         Ksh2,200

Mombasa                         Nakuru                            Ksh1,800

Mombasa                         Meru                                Ksh2,200

Mombasa                          Maua                              Ksh2,200

Mombasa                         Awendo                          Ksh2,500

Mombasa                         Nakuru                            Ksh1,800

Mombasa                         Meru                                Ksh2,200

Mombasa                         Maua                               Ksh2,200