The Guardian Angel Fare, Route, Booking and Contacts

The Guardian Angel is a household name in the Kenyan transportation industry and has established itself as the best fit for long-distance journeys. With the rise in fuel, the cheapest way to travel to long-distance towns like Busia is via bus.

To ensure travelers enjoy their rides, The Guardian Angel has some of the most comfortable designed buses and tablets. On top of that, the company has managed to up its game by installing Wi-Fi and power outlets in some of its buses. This makes it easier for business people to access their mail without an extra cost in data bundles, even TikTok lovers are also covered in that Wi-Fi package.

The transit company mostly operates from Nairobi to different towns in Kenya. Despite investing in comfortability, the company has managed to maintain an economical budget for the common mwananchi as it ranks as the best-charging bus in Kenya.

Below are the rates of fare that applies to different routes. The rates might change depending on different factors including a rise in fuel.

The Guardian Angel Fare and Route

The Gurdian Angel Fare and Route


Start                     Destination                       Fare

Nairobi                  Butere                               Ksh1,650

Nairobi                 Kijauri                                Ksh1,400

Nairobi                 Kisii                                    Ksh1,400

Nairobi                 Malaba                             Ksh1,650

Nairobi                 Luanda                             Ksh1,650

Nairobi                 Busia                                 Ksh1,650

Nairobi                 Maseno                             Ksh1,650

Nairobi                  Kisumu                            Ksh1,650

Nairobi                  Bukura                            Ksh1,650

Mogonga              Nairobi                            Ksh1,400

Kisii                         Nairobi                            Ksh1,400

Nairobi                   Mbita                              Ksh1,400

Katito                     Nairobi                           Ksh1,400

Kisumu                   Nairobi                           Ksh1,650

Bomet                     Nairobi                          Ksh1,400

Bungoma               Nairobi                           Ksh1,650

Kakamega             Nairobi                          Ksh1,650

Bondo                     Nairobi                          Ksh1,650

Narok                      Nairobi                        Ksh1,400


The Guardian Angel Booking

The Guardian Angel is among the companies that have embraced technology and have allowed their clients to book a seat from the comfort of their homes. When it comes to digital booking you can decide to use their official website or mobile app.

To book a seat via online booking follow the below steps

  1. Visit the Guardian Angel website
  2. Once you click on the above link you will land on a booking page
  3. On the booking page, you’ll find a field labeled “From” In this field enter your starting point.
  4. After that head to the field labeled “To” In this field enter your destination and click search.
  5. Then select the date you want to travel
  6. Once you have selected your seat, enter your passenger details
  7. Confirm your b