ENA Coach Fares, Route, Booking and Contacts

ENA Coach ranks as one of the best transit companies in Kenya and most of us who travel long distances love their services. However, some are yet to experience a ride with an ENA coach and for this reason, we keep you updated with their current fare rates to help you prepare accordingly before heading to the bus station.

Before we dive into fare rates, booking, and contacts let’s have a quick background check of the company. ENA was founded in 2008 serving under the umbrella of Transline Classic which is also one the biggest transportation company in Kenya at the moment.

Its name was derived from its founder Evans Nyagaka Anyona abbreviating the first letters of his name to form the word ENA. In 2018, the company split from Transline Classic to run as an independent company but the founder is still the majority shareholder of Transline Classic.

Currently,  ENA Coach has grown to a giant transportation company ranking in the top 10 of the best transportation companies in Kenya. Other than their recommendable services, their buses are designed to provide nothing but comfort to their clients who will be sitting for hours before they reach their destination.

Below is the highlight of their fare rates as well as the routes they operate in.

ENA Coach Fares and  Route

ENA Coach Fares and  Route

Route                                          Price

Nairobi to Kapsabet                 Ksh1,600

Nairobi to Mumias                    Ksh1,600

Nairobi to Sirare                       Ksh1,500

Nairobi to  Busia                       Ksh1,600

Nairobi to Mbita                        Ksh1,500

Nairobi to Kisii                           Ksh1,500

Nairobi to Maseno                    Ksh1,600

Nairobi to Keumbu                   Ksh1,500

Nairobi to Chavakali                Ksh1,600

Nairobi to Bungoma                Ksh1,600

Mombasa to Migori                  Ksh2,500

Mombasa to Kehancha           Ksh2,500

Mombasa to Kendubay          Ksh2,500

Mombasa to Kisii                     Ksh2,500

Usenge to Nairobi                    Ksh1,600

Mbale to Nairobi                      Ksh1,600

Kisumu to Nairobi                    Ksh1,600

Homabay to Nairobi                Ksh1,500

Migori to Nairobi                      Ksh1,500

Sirare to Nairobi                      Ksh1,500

Sori to Mombasa                     Ksh2,500

Port to Victoria Nairobi          Ksh1,600

Rongo to Nairobi                     Ksh1,500

Bondo to Nairobi                     Ksh1,600

Oyugis to Nairobi                    Ksh1,500

Kericho to Nairobi                    Ksh1,600

However, the above prices might change depending on company policy or the direction of the economy, increase and decrease is possible in the listed prices.

ENA Coach Booking

ENA Coach Fares and  Route

ENA Coach has also invested in technology to ensure they serve their client in all possible they can. Currently, you don’t need to visit their physical offices for you to book a trip to your destination.

If you have a smartphone or a computer and internet, you can book a seat in the comfort of your home. ENA Coach has two options you can book a trip with them, a mobile app by ENA and their official site.

How to Book Online

  1. Visit ENA Coach website www.enacoach.co.ke