Chef Maliha Mohammed Bio, Career, Guinness World Record, Family and Net Worth

Chef Maliha Mohammed is a celebrated Kenyan chef who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest solo cooking chef. The biggest honor in a career is to enter the Guinness World Record after breaking a record of what you do best and Maliha has beaten the record twice.

Her story shows the perfect blend of passion and hard work and in this article, we tell the career journey of Chef Maliha Mohammed.

Chef Maliha Mohammed Age and Place of Birth

Maliha was born and raised in the coastal region, Old Town, Mombasa County but her date of birth is still unclear.


Chef Maliha Mohammed Bio

Her journey to the culinary world began when she was just eight as she loved being close to where her late parents were preparing food. Pilau was the first dish that she learned how to prepare and she did perfectly well at a young age.

Before joining a culinary school, she attempted to break the Guinness after training herself with YouTube tutorials. In 2018, she landed a job as a caterer, and one time during a lunch break she came across a certain clip of a Chef based in California.

The chef had cooked for 65 hours and this became a point of motivation since it was the first time she was encountering such an issue. Maliha went on and signed up for a 75-hour cooking marathon challenge, trying to break the record.

However, being the first time to try such a record she didn’t manage to do so as she ran out of funds and she was unable to finish the challenge.

During her early days at the University, she managed to cook for 36 hours non-stop, cooking 100 different recipes. After that, she achieved another milestone going non-stop for 54 hours and 11 hours to get to the World record. This time around she managed to do 200 recipes.

Breaking the Guinness World Record

In  August 2019, she managed to get support from a team of 40, the support enabled her to break the Guinness World Record for the first time clocking 75 hours and doing the 400 recipes non-stop. The dish was a combination of traditional and international cuisines.

The record wasn’t hers to keep as the record was later broken by a Nigerian woman by the name of Chef Baci. However, the joy for the Nigerian lady was short-lived as Mohammed went on to reclaim the title on November 23rd, 2023 after she clocked 150 hours and 11 seconds of cooking non-stop.

Currently, she holds the title globally as the longest-cooking chef in the world. To win the title she had the support of Amanda Donahue, CEO of Proto Energy.