Who Owns Guardian Angel Bus? Ong’era Moturi Wealth

Comfort is among the top priorities long-distance travelers consider before booking a bus to their destination. Guardian Angel Bus Company has been at the forefront in ensuring their customers get exactly what they pay for.

The transportation company has grown to be one of the big five bus companies in Kenya operating from Nairobi to the Western parts of Kenya. Its efficiency and customer satisfaction have led to rapid growth in the industry surpassing its competitors who arrived in the market earlier.

Despite the big name of the company the tycoon behind the success of this venture has maintained a low profile. So who owns Guardian Angel Bus Company?

Who Owns Guardian Angels Bus?

Who Owns The Guardian Angel?

The powerhouse is owned by the late Ong’era Moturi who succumbed to a stroke in 2019 at the age of 95 years old. Following his death, the son Julius Ong’era succeeded his father as the company’s director.

Ong’era was a prominent businessman who seized every entrepreneurial opportunity that came his way and that’s how he generated his wealth. The Gusii businessmen have established themselves in the transport industry and Ong’era was among the top-tier businessmen who had harvested heavenly from this venture.

Building the Guardian Angel Brand

Who Owns The Guardian Angel?

The late tycoon was born in a business family and his father was also in the transport business. He went on and took over the family business from his father and went on to make it greater than his father, Nahashon Ong’era Omote.

Following his takeover, Ong’era expanded the company launching the Guardian Coach Ltd and Nyamira Express. The two brands went on and conquered the market, and Guardian Angel became a giant in the industry leading the market to date. The buses are quite classy for long distances making you feel at ease while traveling.

Being a great businessman his influence extended to politics, with the former governor of Nyamira County, John Nyagaram recognizing him as a model for good governance.

Aside from the transportation business, he also ventured into hospitality launching Guardian Hotel which is also a success.

Guardian Angel Routes and Charges

As we had mentioned earlier, the buses operate from Nairobi to different towns, and below are some of the towns.

  1. Keroka
  2. Bungoma
  3. Kisii</