Who Owns Khetias Supermarket? The Khetias Family Wealth and Businesses

Khetias Supermarket has been on a full throttle in terms of expansion, opening branches back-to-back in major town. The Supermarket has been around for decades starting as small wholesale shop supplying goods to customers in the rural area mostly in Trans-Nzoia.

Currently, the supermarket has hit the mark of being ranked one of the fastest growing supermarket in Kenya. Despite being founded in 1980s, the supermarket has seen massive growth in the 2000s era. Recently, the supermarket acquired the Society Stores supermarket which was also owned by one of their family member.

After dominating the Rift Valley wholesale sector, Khetia Supermarket is slowly earning a place in Nairobi and other places. With a rich history and great success story, we narrate the story of who owns Khetias and its growth.

Who Owns Khetias Supermarket?

Who Owns Khetias Supermarket?

Khetias Supermarket is a family business owned by the Khetias’ family but it’s currently under the management of Ashok Khetia. The family established its first shop in 1982 on Laini Mojja Street of Kitale town, Trans-Nzoia county.

The founders started with only two employees and dedicated their lives to the ventures with a goal in their minds. Just like any other business, strategy is the King and for them to beat the market they started going to customers instead of waiting for customers. They began with a single pick-up truck supplying to different towns as well as remote areas.

At the time it wasn’t a supermarket yet but it was Khetias Wholesale, throught their effort to supply goods to customers they built a brand and the venture started growing big and their name spread wider beyond their reach. From Kitale the business launched Khetia’s Webuye Wholesale, then Kakamega and went on to launch another one in Uasin Gishu county in 1989.

One years down the line, the business opened another branch in Bungoma town, Bungoma county, this branch would serve the residents from nearby towns like, Mumias, Busia, Chwele, Malaba and other environs.

Upgrading to Supermarket.

In 1994, Khetias established their first retail supermaket in Bungoma town and it picked perfectly. In 2000s they launched their second supermarket in the same town, through the success, Khetia opened what was a giant shopping centre called Gigamart in Kitale CBD .

In between 2006-2010, the shop was a household name and it went on and purchased the Kabarnet Mineral Water Company. Currently, the supermaket has over 18 stores around the country. The supermarket has been under family management since its inception. However, one of the family member decided to isolate himself and opened Society Stores in Thika. The store was among the biggest stores around Thika.

In 2021, Trushar Khetia decided to go back home and partnered with the family business and rebranded Society Stores to Khetias Supermarket.

Khetias Family Wealth

The family is among the richest Indian-Kenyan families that have already surpassed the billion mark in wealth. Even though their net worth is not in public domain, the estimated net worth ranges from Ksh 5 billion to 7 billion.