Who Owns Jamii Telecom (Faiba)? Joshua Chepkwony Wealth and Business

Jamii Telecom, well known as JTL Faiba in the field, is one of Kenya’s leading telecommunication provider companies. The company has cemented its name among the top internet provider in residential places, corporates as well as offices.

The company is behind the popular brand “Faiba” famously known for providing mobile internet services. Speaking of technology the company has played a major role in ensuring Kenya experiences the best phase of technology through a fast internet connection.

However, despite the popularity of the company, many people don’t have an idea of the billionaire behind this multi-billion technology house. In this article, JamboDaily tells the story of Who Owns Jamii Telecom (Faiba.)

Who Owns Jamii  Telecom?

Who Owns Jamii Telecom
Joshua Chepkwony [Photo/Tuko news]
CK Joshua, a Kenyan business tycoon is the founder and owner of JTL “Faiba”. The company was launched in 2016 with the aim of delivering reliable communication and digital services. Sticking to its target, the company has made major milestones since its inception including the installation of the undersea fiber optic cables.

In this deal of undersea fiber installation, the company had to pay Ksh 5 billion to acquire the license to proceed with the installation. It went on to become the first company in Kenya to launch a 700 MHZ mobile network. On top of that, they went on to introduce VOLTE which was also a none existing service in Kenya.

Their success didn’t stop there at that point as it carries the pride of being the first company in Kenya to deploy a 100% fiber optic network structure. While other companies offered 100mbs as network capacity JTL took the notch higher hitting a 1000 Mbps network capacity for both homes and businesses.

While JTL stands as one of the biggest empire Joshua Chepkwony has molded, the tycoon also owns other huge businesses that brings him to the smaller group of ultra-rich Kenyans. Below are some of the businesses linked to the billionaire.

KASS Media

Who Owns Jamii Telecom

Joshua seems to be in love with telecommunication aside from owning an internet provider company he also owns a media house by the name of KASS Media. KASS Media was founded in 2005 by Joshua. The media house runs a series of Radio stations and also owns a TV station. However, the media house is a Kalenjin-based media house where their programs are presented in the Kalenjin language.

According to him the idea behind the establishment of the media house was to create a platform for his people to share ideas even with those who don’t understand other languages like Kiswahili and English. Additionally, he believes a tribe plays a major role in shaping one’s identity.

Jamii Milling

Joshua has also invested heavily in a food processing company owning one of the biggest milling factories in Kenya. Jamii Milling is behind the popular brand ‘Jamii Flour’. The factory was established in 2015 in the northeast of Eldoret town, sitting on an eight-acre land and the cost of building went up to Ksh 1 billion. Other than maize flour, the company also produces wheat flour, fish, and poultry feeds.

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