Who Owns Jade Collection? Samuel Mburu Wealth and Family

The fashion Industry has evolved to be one of the most loved industries in the world and fashion designers are reaping heavily from their ventures. When speaking of the fashion industry in Kenya you can’t exclude Jade Collection from that talk.

Jade Collection is one of Kenya’s most noticeable fashion houses and has been running for years since its establishment. The company has extended to different counties in Kenya but its roots can be traced back to Nakuru County the home of great things. So, with all said and done who owns the multi-billion fashion house, Jade Collection? This article has all the details on who owns Jade Collection.

Who Owns Jade Collection?

Who Owns Jade Collection?
Bernice Mburu (Photo/Courtesy)

Jade Collection is owned by Mzee Samuel Mburu, an Eldoret-based businessman who has a special interest in real estate and the fashion industry. Mzee Mburu founded the shop in 2000 alongside his daughter Bernice Mburu who is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO.)

The business started in Nakuru county at an exhibition table where they displayed the good that they were importing from Dubai and South Africa. The business went well for them and in 2004 they moved to Nairobi and launched their first shop at Embassy House.

Despite setting up a shop most of the job was supplying fashion items to supermarkets and after a year they decided to close the shop and concentrate fully on supplying. However, despite choosing that path, the owners later reopened the shop after a deal went sower. In 2007, they ordered a 40 feet container full of fashion items for a client but the client went underwater while the container was already overseas.

With nowhere to keep all the goods, they decided to open a shop and Jade Correction was born. The shop was a success and the owners decided to open more branches across the country, today the fashion house has dominated Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Thika town.

Mzee Samuel Mburu Businesses

Aside from fashion, Mburu has invested heavily in the real estate industry. He is one of the landlords owning flats in different towns including, Eldoret, Nairobi, and Nakuru. According to reports one of the leading banks in Kenya actually rents one of his buildings. Additionally, Mzee Mburu has also invested in land, owning hundreds of acres in the Rift Valley.

Family and Case Court

Mburu is a family man, even though much is not known about his family aside from his daughter who is his business partner. In 2021, his grandchildren Kevin Wakaimba and Ivan Wakaimba sons of his late son Samuel Wakaimba sued him for excluding them from his estate.

According to his grandchildren, Mburu had sidelined them since the death of their father. They also added that their grandfather squandered their Dad’s insuarance money and evicted them from a 100-acre flower land belonging to their father. They also told the court through their lawyer that they had stopped schooling since the death of their father due to a lack of school fees.


Mburu is among the businessmen who have hit a billion threshold of their total wealth. As of 2023, his net worth was valued at Ksh 7 billion.