Who Owns Homeboys Radio, Rabar Family Wealth, Family and Business.

Homeboys Radio has grown to be one of the most celebrated radio stations in Kenya and its team of presenters has played a huge role in the growth of the radio station. Apart from the seasoned presenters,  do you know who owns Homeboys Radio? Well, this article covers all the details you need to know, from the real owner of the station, to his family wealth, and other businesses he’s involved in.

Who Owns Homeboys Radio

The popular radio station is owned by Myke Rabar, a Kenyan businessman who has established his name in the Kenyan corporate industry. Rabar began from the ground up building everything he has from scratch.

Before diving into the media business, Rabar was a popular DJ in Nairobi back in the mid-90s. In 1995, the ambitious DJ decide to venture into the World of business founding Homeboys radio.

Over two decades down the line, the radio station has grown to be one of the most loved radio stations in Kenya and it has caught the attention of most youth around the country following its hot entertainment news.

Currently, the station is co-owned by three shareholders, Rabbar being the majority shareholder while his Wife Rose Nyaguthi is the second majority shareholder and his brother John Obonyo being the minority shareholder in the company.

Rabar holds 56.35% of the company serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the station. His wife Rose Nyaguthi Rabbar owns over over 40% of the company serving as the Finance and Administrative director. His brother being the minority shareholder,  own less than 10% of the company, serving as the executive director.

Myke Rabar Business

Who Owns Homeboys Radio?

Being the in the media industry for almost three decades, Rabar has invested heavily in different phases of media. Homeboys Group has extended its wing beyond radio and it has been deep into the music business where Rabar has managed to nature both local and international artists through his Music Technology Academy.

Rabar through Homeboys Group also made it in the animation industry making a huge breakthrough with a popular animation by the name of Tinga Tinga Tales. Homeboys Group partnered with Tiger Aspect Production, UK based production company.

The 52-episode animation series was launched in 2010 on CBeebies,  a BBC owned channel. It has also been televised on Citizen TV, a local television station, additionally it was also sold to Playhouse Disney in the United States.

Away from business, Myke Rabar also sits on numerous board of different organizations. Some of the organization he sits on include, Vision 2030, Safaricom/Tinga Tinga Foundation, and the Kenya Rugby Football Union. On top of that he was on the judge panel

Myke Rabar Family Wealth

Rabar has accumulated his wealth through his hard work in all his business ventures. Though much of his wealth in not in public domain,  Rabar owns estimated Ksh 35.6 million worth of shares valued at Ksh 166 million in the media industry. On the other hand, his wife Rose Nyaguthie has over Ksh 27.6 million worth of shares valued at Ksh 128 million.