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Who Owns Arimis? This article covers everything you need to know about the establishment of the famous milking Jelly. Arimis has been one of the most trending products for the past few years and sometime back it seemed like it had collapsed from the market until the boy child embraced it for reason well known.

If you grew up in rural areas Arimis was a key commodity of every household and it served as a multi-purpose jelly.

The product was manufactured as a milking jelly but back in the day, this was the most affordable jelly for moisturizing our skin. Currently, the product is more of a skincare product than it’s a milking jelly. On top of that mothers use it to prevent diaper rash in small babies.

For men, netizens say they have found another use for the product but it’s yet to be approved.

Who Owns Arimis?

Who Owns Arimis?

Arimis milking jelly brand was founded by a Kenyan-born entrepreneur of Indian descent, Hanish Shah. Shah founded the brand in 1983 in now Meru County after he noticed that the farmers from that region had difficulties in milking since they didn’t have the right product to soften their cow’s tits.

Before venturing into milking jelly production, Shah was running a boutique in Meru. After he identified the problem he got the idea of producing petroleum jelly from a certain German company and he ended up adopting the idea.

Since the product was targeted to help the Meru farmers, Shar decided to name the product after the Meru farmers “Arimi” which means farmers in the Meru dialect. Two years down the line, the brand had done a tremendous job in the market and it was doing so well in and out of Meru county.

Following its success, Shah decided to relocate the company from Meru county to Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. After establishing its name in the market, the product started hitting different counties and within a short time it was a household name and every farmer in Kenya had the product.

In the 2000s the company launched another product that had antiseptic ingredients that could heal and prevent mastitis in cows’ udders. However, the normal milking jelly that had only petrolatum and color was still on the market. Currently, the product is produced by Tri-Clover Industries where Shah is the managing director. On top of that, the company has also produced and launched different types of jellies some with a nice scent.


Arimis has been in the market for over three decades and for a while it seemed like it had dwindled in the market. In 2021, the brand resurface in the online world and this time it was trending for different use.

Following the hype around the product at the time, one Kenyan felt as if the brand was too old and needed to rebrand. The Kenyan posted a new suggested Arimis without a “Friesian cow” on it and the Kenyans weren’t impressed with the modern design and suggested the traditional arimis was better. After a while, the Arimis dismissed the rumors of rebranding and cited they were sticking with their traditional design.