Top online shopping websites in Kenya

It is fascinating how technology and the internet have changed our lives. How cool and exciting is it to buy anything you want from clothing, foodstuff, electronics,  beverages, cars, medicine and even real estate from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world? This article provides a list of some of Kenya’s top online shopping websites.

Online shopping provides a certain level of ease and enjoyment, mainly when customers can save time and money. In Kenya, online shopping is the new craze on the market.

Vendors are capitalizing on this chance to reach a larger market as more Kenyans use digital technologies. This option has made it possible for anyone to purchase at any convenient time. Even when closed and the customer isn’t outside, stores may generate sales. Have a look at this list of online stores that are available to customers in Kenya.

Top online shopping websites in Kenya

  1. Jumia

Jumia is the largest online shop in the country; it’s like the Amazon of Kenya. It was founded in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, and has since spread to numerous African countries, including Kenya. Jumia offers a range of products, including electronics and consumables.

You will get popular products such as cell phones, computers, tablets, and clothing. It is popular among Kenyans due to its affordable costs. Jumia allows all forms of payment, including cash, mobile money, credit cards, and visas. They charge based on the location and weight of the commodities they deliver to households or for collection in different countries.

Online shopping websites in Kenya

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2. Kilimall

Kilimall is more similar to Jumia. With a rating of 4.62 out of 5. Kilimall is a formidable rival to Jumia and offers a vast selection of items. The sole difference between Kilimall and Jumia, other somewhat cheaper prices, is that Kilimall requires payment before shipment.

In addition to supplying products from merchants, Kilimall is the primary distributor of Cubot mobile phones.

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3. Jiji

On the Jiji marketplace, merchants may display their items for free, but they can upgrade to premium advertising if they want their adverts to be prioritized. Jiji sells various things, including food, electronics, and automobiles.

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4. Pigiame

Pigiame serves as a marketplace for both new and used goods. Pigiame is an online retailer that mainly focuses on gadgets and automobiles. Vendors can access their target customers via the site. If you purchase anything from Pigiame, you need to be cautious to prevent being a victim of scammers.

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5. Masoko

It is an online marketplace owned by Safaricom. They provide customers with a range of fashion and tech products. Masoko’s products prices are relatively higher than other online shopping websites because they offer quality and genuine products.

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