Top 10 Jobs Paying 15k – 50 k per Month in Kenya.

Top 10 jobs paying 15k – 50k per month in Kenya. As of 2021 Kenya is one of the countries in Africa where workers receive a minimum wage of 15k to 50k.

However, despite Kenya being one of the wealthiest country in Africa with a GDP of 11 trillion as of 2021. Many Kenyan are still jobless surviving with hand to mouth businesses.

Moreover, Kenya is also among the top countries in Africa with a very high number of educated people. Despite being among the top many graduates are still on the street hawking due to lack of job.

While we were growing up we used to be told education was the key to our problems. However, things have changed about 10% of class 8 drop are now employing graduate to manage their businesses.

As a result of job shortage and advanced technology many educated Kenyan Youth have discovered a new mode of earning through online platform. However, while working online seems easy it is also dangerous due to fake platform which swindles money.

Some of the legit platforms include Remotask, Fivver, Upwork and many others. However in this article we are going to outline various jobs paying 15k to 50k.

1. Writing

Writing is an online job, and when it comes to writing there are different type of writing which includes academic writing and article writing. Academic writing mostly involves essays and for one to do academic writing you need an account.

Academic writing ranges from 250-500 per page. Then there is article writing this involves a lot of research and you mostly write online blogs the salary ranges from 15k and above.

2. Cashier/ Teller

In all big shops, supermarkets, restaurant and bars you will find a cashier. A cashier is a person who collects cash after a customer have been served. Their salaries ranges from 15-30k per Month.

On the other hand, in all banks, micro banks, and Sacco’s you find a Teller, a Teller is the one who handles the deposit and withdrawal of cash. Their salaries ranges from 30-50k per month.

3. Software Developer

This kind of Job involves a lot of coding, a software developer is a person who create computer/ phone softwares. The work can be done remotely or you can be employed to work in an office. The lowest amount a software developer can be paid is 40-50k per month and some charge the same amount per project.

4. Bar/ Restaurant Attendant

Bar and restaurant attendant, their work is mainly to attend to customers. However, when it comes to payment it depends on the level of the bar/ restaurant. Big restaurant pays their attendance a salary of 15-20k a month.