21 Tips to a good LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the best place for job-seekers; it’s a social platform for professionals. Building your professional identity on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and achievements, network with clients and colleagues, and find new job opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile page is the backbone of your branding. By having a good LinkedIn profile, hiring managers and recruiters come to you with job offers because the platform has a ton of recruiters looking for candidates like you.

Below are 21 tips that can help you turn your LinkedIn profile into a job-search engine. Click here to start creating your LinkedIn profile.

How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile

  1. Have a great profile picture

Select the right picture for your LinkedIn profile. Your profile picture is your business card; introducing you to people influences their first impressions. Please choose a picture the recent looks like you, friendly but professional, and make sure it’s a headshot.

  1. Set a background photo

When setting a background photo, you want to add a picture that showcases what you do. The photo doesn’t have to be necessary for you in the shot but ensure it grabs people’s attention; it should be memorable, set the context, and show visitors what you do. For example, if you are a freelancer, you can add a picture of you working at home in your office.

  1. Create a compelling headline

Your headline is the first thing recruiters see when they visit your profile; therefore, the headline should be creative, passionate, and convincing. It should clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you stand for.

Since many recruiters search by title, a catchy headline increases the likelihood that you will be discovered by recruiters looking for candidates for the proper, relevant position.

  1. Create a summary story that stands out

Ensure you have a LinkedIn story because it is the second thing recruiters read after the headline. You should not use your summary to list your skills and job titles but also use it to connect with potential employers and colleagues. You can provide information about your experience, most relevant skills, your current job title, any significant achievement, what type of role you are seeking, and your passion.

  1. Remove the buzzwords

Buzzwords are adjectives used as self-promotional on LinkedIn; they include strategist, expert, experienced, specialized, creative, certified, focused, leadership, and passionate. I’m not saying you should not use the stated words, but using them alone will not convince people you are qualified. Instead, you should demonstrate them by being clear and specific in your LinkedIn profile features to show who you are.

Steps to a good LinkedIn profile
  1. Write in the first person.

Use the first person when writing about yourself on LinkedIn. The first-person is used because it sounds sincere and personal. LinkedIn is a professional platform; you don’t want to sound fake by using the third person.

  1. Share your work

If you have any projects you have done before, a book, or articles you have written, share them in your LinkedIn profile. Such work is significant if you do not have any or a lot of work experience.

  1. Grow your network

LinkedIn is a networking platform at its core. Connecting your LinkedIn profile to your email address book is a quick and easy method to expand your professional network on LinkedIn. You can connect with a hiring manager, recruiters, and HR specialist in companies you aspire to work for; therefore, you will be notified when there are open positions.

  1. Add your interests

Adding interest will not help get a job, but it will help show some personality in your profile.

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