The Top 10 Best Airbnbs in Kenya

Here is a list of the top ten best Airbnbs in Kenya. Kenya is a popular tourist destination in Africa and around the globe. Its location along the continent’s eastern coast also makes it a strategic partner for many other countries and businesses looking to capitalize on its unique location. As a result, the country attracts millions of visitors yearly, both for business and pleasure.

There are a thousand reasons to take a trip to Kenya. The country has friendly people, numerous business opportunities, incredible tourist attractions, and fascinating cultures such as the Maasai. However, for a memorable experience, you should never skimp on your lodging options. In Kenya, there are numerous fantastic glamping spots and eco-hotels.

Scroll down to learn about some of the best Airbnbs in Kenya that will provide you with a home away from home during your trip.

The Top 10 Best Airbnbs in Kenya

1. Fully furnished treehouse in Nairobi (from KES 11,694)

The Top 10 Best Airbnbs in Kenya

This type of accommodation is ideal for adventurous travelers or busy business executives looking for quiet retreats after a day of exploring the best places to visit in Nairobi. The treehouse is nestled in a quiet section of a 10-acre (4.06ha) estate and has everything you’ll ever need for a comfortable stay.

It has a rustic but comfortable king bed, a large and fully furnished living room, and a private bath. The property is close to malls, transportation hubs, downtown Nairobi, and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, all of which can be reached in under 20 minutes by car.


2. Private bush camp with pool in Bisil (from KES 23,138)

This is a private, self-catering bush camp with ensuite tents or ensuite cottages for accommodation. The bush camp is only 90 minutes from Nairobi Airport and Amboseli National Park, making it an excellent choice for travelers interested in experiencing a Kenyan safari.

This is what you choose if you want to have a close encounter with some of Africa’s wild animals, with excellent chances of seeing the Big Five: monkeys, impalas, zebras, and porcupines, among others. Because it is a bush camp, don’t expect luxuries like internet access, a variety of dining options, or proximity to entertainment venues. You will be surrounded by nature.

3. Cozy traditional shepherd’s hut in Nanyuki

This is a traditional shepherd’s hut in one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The hut can conveniently sleep six guests per night with one bedroom and two beds.

It has a spacious living area, a private bath, a front deck with furniture, another private bath, and a fully equipped kitchen. Despite its remote location, the hut provides hot water, free Wi-Fi, and a washing machine, among other amenities.

4. Luxury home in a wildlife conservancy in Nanyuki (from KES 27,244)

The Top 10 Best Airbnbs in Kenya

If you want to get up close and personal with the African wild without sacrificing any luxury, this is the place to stay. It is a four-bedroom house in the middle of a wildlife preserve. This means that seeing and hearing lions, hyenas, jackals, impalas, and giraffes will be common during your stay.

The house has a modern design and includes a comfortable seating area, two verandas, a fully equipped kitchen, and an open-plan dining area. A watering hole near the house attracts a lot of wildlife, which comes to drink every day.

5. Quaint cottage in Kiserian best for couples (from KES 8,459)

This is a cute, quirky little cottage located in the beautiful Champagne Ridge area of Ngong. The cottage is fully furnished, including a full kitchen, a large seating area, and a comfortable bedroom.