List of Kenyans Who own Private Jets

Private jets have become the go-to symbol of Kenya’s rich and sophisticated elite. These luxury planes are owned by a tiny group of wealthy Kenyans.

Private Jets are primarily utilized by small groups of people, such as friends, business associates, and family members, to travel for vacation or business purposes.

Manufacturers create and construct private jet aircraft to provide comfort and a particular level of elegance.

In this article. Jambo Daily examines a group of wealthy Kenyan billionaires who possess private jets.

List of Kenyans Who own Private Jets

1. Kariuki Humprey

Private Jets


The multibillionaire businessman owns a private Bombardier Challenger 350 plane.

He is reported to have paid Ksh2.5 billion for the private jet.

The entrepreneur began his career as a government employee at Kenya’s Central Bank (CBK). Later, he worked in hospitality, operating the Green Corner Restaurant in Nairobi’s CBD before moving on to other businesses like wine and liquor imports, as well as petroleum.

Kariuki also owns a company in South Africa.

2. Musa Gurian

According to sources, the Miraa trader owns a dozen planes, most of which are Cessnas and Pipers, which he uses to deliver the merchandise.

In Kenya, a used Cessna costs Ksh2.7 million, whereas a used Piper costs more than Ksh 8.9 million.

3. Julius Mwale