Richest Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Talking of entrepreneurship, about 99.9% of the world’s revenue is contributed by entrepreneurs. Before we dive deep into Entrepreneurship, who is an Entrepreneur?. An entrepreneur is a person who sets a business or business with an aim of getting a profit.

In Kenya, entrepreneurship began in the 1960s after the Indians constructed the Railway. However, in those days people engaged in the barter trade where goods were exchanged with other goods. During those days Agriculture was the main contributor of revenue globally.

However, as time went by and many people and government embraced education then education became the game changer as people shifted from barter trade to using money while buying any commodities or services.

Moreover, education came with technology which has been evolving over the years making entrepreneurship easier and profitable. At the moment Kenyans have invested in many sectors from transport to real-estates.

Despite Kenya being ranked as a lower-income country, it is also one of the countries in Africa where young men and women who are under 40 are slowly taking the industry to another level through Technology. In this article, we will be focusing more on Kenyans under 40 who have made it in the business world.

1. Gloria Mitchelle Otieno

Gloria is the founder of the Recours Four Kenya Consultant Limited (R4), founded in 2013. According to the companies website, its aim is to help public sector organizations, government, non-profit, and profit organizations to recruit workers.

She began the company with a capital of Ksh 200,000 and by 2017 the annual revenue had risen to over Ksh 44million. Since she is dealing in the human resource business her major client include World Bank, Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In addition, Sportpesa is also her client. At the age of 34 years, she has managed to achieve more and she hopes to expand her empire beyond Kenya in near future.

2. Paul Kihiko

Kihiko is 33 years old and he has invested heavily in the hospitality business. He is the owner and founder of Wing it Nairobi, a fast-food restaurant at the core of Nairobi City.

Kihiko opened his first branch in 2014 at Galleria Shopping Mall, according to at the time he was opening his first restaurant it was very challenging since he was new to that line of business and had no experience. In addition, getting a place to set up his first restaurant was also challenging.

In 2017, his business had grown to a point where investors showed interest and two of the investor bought minority stakes at Ksh 750, 000 ($75,000) deal. Four years later after opening his first branch he opened another branch at The Hub shopping Mall. At the moment Kihiko earns over Ksh1.6million monthly from the two branches.

3. Anerlisa Muigai

Muigai is the daughter of a well-known businesswoman, Tabitha Muigai Karanja the owner of Keroche Breweries. The 33 years old is the founder of Nero, a water brand company.

In 2018 Forbes listed her in their list of 0 most promising young entrepreneurs. Moreover, in 2021 she was ranked 30th in Africa and 271 globally by Hopper in the category of best-paid celebs on Instagram.

According to Hopper reports, Anerlisa earns about Ksh 436,000 per paid cost. Her net worth is estimated to be over 1 billion as of 2021.

4. Eugene Mbugua