Rental Prices For Stalls in Nairobi CBD, With and Without Goodwill

Nairobi is one of the leading business hubs in Kenya and Africa as a whole. The CBD serves as the core of almost all business around Nairobi and millions of traders have occupied different buildings selling different goods and services.

However, starting a business in the CBD might be a bit challenging if you are not well-settled financially and you are looking in renting a stall to set up your business. The prices of stalls in the CBD always depend on where the stall is located.

The pricing of rental stalls within the CBD depends on many things including goodwill, street as well as other factors. One of the things that many tenants avoid is goodwill, goodwill is defined as the assumed value of a business and its assets. This amount is normally paid to the landlord before being handed the keys to the stalls.

The amount is normally huge since it can range from Ksh 1 million and above depending on the premises. It’s a good business for landlords but a bad one for the tenant who will have to pay over a million shillings for an empty stall and then pay rent and other expenses.

Even though some tenants opt to pay the amount due to the demand for their goods and services in that particular area, many still opt to hunt for stalls with no goodwill. However, some landlords have made it easier for their new tenants where they have the option to pay or not to pay the goodwill. Note, when you sign a goodwill the rent might be a little bit lower than without the goodwill.

Below is an example of a building that has the two offers, with and without the good.

Rental Prices For Stalls in Nairobi CBD, With and Without Goodwill

Rental Prices For Stalls in Nairobi CBD

Platinum Plaza Building opposite Imenti House

Front Shops (63 sqft)

  • Goodwill Price; Ksh 1.5 million and a monthly Rent of Ksh 85K
  • Without Goodwill Price; Monthly rent is Ksh 110k, Once you decide to rent without a good will your rent will be slightly higher

This goes for the 63sqft stalls

Side Shops (58sqft)

  • With Goodwill Price; Ksh 1 million and a monthly rent of Ksh 70k.
  • Without Goodwill Price; Monthly rent 90k

Entry Fee

  1. 1-month Rent
  2. 2months Rent deposit
  3. Service Charge
  4. A legal fee equivalent to Ksh 15k

The entry fee is almost Ksh 300k then you start the stall renovation customizing everything to your taste.