NBCA to Mpesa and Airtel Transfer Charges.

Mobile money wallet is currently one of the most used modes of payment in Kenya due to its accessibility. With a massive demand in the market, all banks have opted to partner with mobile service providers to enable their clients to link their bank accounts with mpesa or airtel money accounts. In this article, we highlight the new transfer charges from NCBA bank to Mpesa and Airtel accounts.

On March 16th, 2020 the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) announced the waving of bank-to-mobile charges in support of the go-cashless campaign that was aimed at reducing the rate of Covid-19 infection. CBK made this announcement three days after Coronavirus hit the country.

Since then Kenyans have been enjoying free transfers to mobile money wallets.  Initially, Safaricom had also waived the charges for all transactions below 1000 but they later reinstated the fees. However, for CBK it has taken then two years for them to reinstate the charges back.

Following CBK’s announcement the new transaction charges took effect on January 1st, 2023. Below we highlight the charges that NCBA bank will be charging from now onwards.

NCBA To Mpesa Charges

Taarif                             Charges

1-100                             0

101-500                         10

501-1000                      12

1001-1500                    14

1501-2500                    23

2501-3500                    33

3501-5000                    43

5001-7500                    55

7501-20,000                  65

20,001-150,500            67

NCBA to Airtel Money

Taarif                             Charges