National Bank to Mpesa/Airtel Money Transaction Charges

The free bank-to-mobile wallet transaction era is now done and banks will now add fees to any bank-to-mobile transaction starting from Ksh 101. In this article, we highlight the new charges from National Bank to Mpesa/Airtel Money.

The charges were reinstated on the 1st of January 2023 after CBK waived the charges in March 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic. The move was to promote a cashless mode of payment that was aimed at reducing the rate of infection.

Kenyans ended up adopting the process and a huge number have been enjoying these services at zero cost. However, despite the services being so good banks haven’t been making a profit as they are supposed to.

National Bank being of the biggest financial institutions in Kenya, has adopted the directives of the Central Bank of Kenya and it has informed its esteemed customers that the bank has already reinstated the bank-to-mobile transaction charges.

However, despite CBK announcing the reinstatement of the fees it didn’t actually give directives on the cost of each transaction. But since different banks have different policies, the charges are different depending on the bank. Others have increased the previous charges while others have increased the charges by a smaller margin.

National Bank to Mpesa Charges

National Bank to Mpesa Charges

Below are the charges for National Bank, from bank to mobile,

Amount in Ksh                                            Charges in Ksh 

1-100                                                                   0

101-500                                                              10

501-1000                                                            12

1001-1500                                                          14

1501-2000                                                          23                                                               

2501-3500                                                          33                                   

3501-5000                                                          43                               

5001-7500                                                          55

7501-20,000                                                       60